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The American company Software Bisque, Inc. was founded in 1984 by current President and CEO Stephen Bisque. Software Bisque, Inc. - formerly known only by the Planetarium software TheSky ™, has been building high-tech mounts for a long time. These mounts have revolutionized internet-controlled remote observations for amateur astronomy.

The Paramount mounts are ultra-precision German equatorial mount (GEM) that are designed to deliver unmatched pointing, tracking and stability for amateur or professional astronomers in portable or permanent installations. These precision mechanics, when commanded by TheSkyX Professional Edition, create a formidable imaging system that can help you achieve your most lofty observing goals.

For this "robot operation", there are various additional software packages developed for the Paramount mounts. With Paramount mounts in automatic operation, dozens of comets and planetoids have already been discovered by amateurs.

Softwae Bisque Inc. is the worldwide "pioneer" for internet-controlled telescopes. Through its software, the company had made one of the "smaller" telescopes on the Mount Palomar (24 "mirror) accessible to amateurs more than 10 years ago.

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