Please note: PENTAX instruments are now only available on the second-hand market. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide consulting services on these instruments because our technicians can no longer be trained on Pentax products. However, we leave this information about Pentax as a little help on our website. If you have any questions, e.g. about spare parts, please contact

Pentax Refraktoren

Refraktoren von PENTAX

Pentax refractors are specialists for one thing above all: They are excellent optics for photography. In addition, the refractors have a very large field of view which is free of aberrations - even without additional field flatteners. This was certainly a convincing argument for Pentax refractors, especially if you think of the always-increasing chip-size of modern digital cameras.

175mm Refraktor
Orion Nebula, taken with Pentax 75 SDHF in prime focus: Baader modified Canon EOS 40D, 15 x 30 sec (640ASA) and 10 x 150 sec (800ASA). © 2011 W. Paech

Unfortunately, PENTAX has completely stopped the production of astronomical refractor telescopes. Unfortunately, we cannot order any parts, nor do we have any remaining telescopes in stock.

We are still producing adapters from Baader Planetarium for the Pentax system. With the Baader M68 system we offer an adapter solution for the eyepiece side of Pentax refractors, which allows the use of the complete range of Baader accessories.

On our website we had a presentation of the PENTAX refractors, which we would like to make available to you here as a reference in PDF form (sorry, German language only).