10Micron: High-Tech HPS- and DDS-Mounts

True Precision – for your Astronomical Future

10Micron is a division of COMEC-Technology, an Italian precision engineering Company, based in Milan. Since the 60s the company has been engaged in the production of mechanical components of the highest quality and precision for many different fields of application.

10Micron's high-tech mounts are the first choice for demanding astrophotographers and observatories because they combine the advantages of different technological solutions for telescope mounts.

The special feature of 10Micron is the HPS technology (High Precision and Speed). The HPS mounts have a conventional worm gear with servo motors, as it has proven itself for decades, but in the unique combination with high-precision absolute encoders. These two electronic control loops per axis make the classic worm gear equal in precision to a direct-drive mount. This solution also has the advantages of the classic design: self-locking gear, high holding force even during load reversals, quick installation and easy handling.

In addition to HPS mounts, 10micron also manufactures extremely fast and precise direct drive mounts for telescopes with mirror diameters of up to 80cm and professional applications (space debris tracking).

As official EU distributor of 10micron we are pleased to present the 10micron product range to you on a brandnew website. The combination of 10micron products as well as Baader domes leads to total solutions that are hard to beat in terms of sustainability and performance.

All 10micron products such as telescopes, mounts, comprehensive accessories and much more can be found on our website www.10micron.eu


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