Baader UBVRI Photometric Johnson/Bessel U-Filter (4mm Glass)

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Baader UBVRI Photometric Johnson/Bessel U-Filter (4mm Glass)

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  • 50x50 mm Baader UBVRI - U-Filter
  • Photometric Johnson/Bessel filter system
  • partial dielectric design with BBAR minimized reflections
  • Planeoptically polished, 4mm glass thickness
  • non-ageing sealed coating edges
Important note: ONLY while stocks last. The UBVRI filters are sold out. New SDSS filters are in preparation.

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€ 170.59 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 143.35

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What's the actual size of your 2" filters in "mm" with and without frame/ring? What step down adapter is suggested from a 52 mm to "-- mm"?
Question by: Waqas Ahmad on Oct 10, 2016 7:54:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)
What are the threads and pitch of your 1.25" and 2" filters?
Question by: Anders G. on Sep 20, 2017 12:55:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)
What is the total thinckness of 1.25” filter mounted in its own threaded cell?
I have a Moravian filter carousel and I need very low profile 1.25” cells in order to avoid crash!!
Question by: Jose on Aug 31, 2019 1:37:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)


Baader UBVRI Filters - Specifications

Baader 4 mm thick UBVRI filters feature a proprietory design that strictly adheres to the classic Johnson/Bessel transmission specification. Unlike the classic construction that regularly has a thickness of 5mm or more, the Baader-filters are made of dielectric layers as well as absorption glasses. This allows for a smaller filter thickness of 4 mm. The original stack of pure colored glass had a thickness of 5 or 6 mm and would be too thick and too heavy for modern filter wheels.

In the old days UBVIR-filters were used for photodetectors and no one would care if the huge stack of cemented absorption glasses would cause havoc in terms of inherent internal reflections. Our method of combining dielectric coatings with a combination of short pass and long pass filters does provide for perfect off-band blocking into the far ends of the spectrum. This steep off-band-blocking would not be possible with pure dielectric layers over such a large transmission range.

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