TEC Focal Reducer Corrector 0.9x for 200 / 250VT FL APO

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TEC Focal Reducer Corrector 0.9x for 200 / 250VT FL APO

# 1351253

€ 900.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 756.30

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  • TEC Focal Reducer Corrector 0.9x for 200 and 250VT FL APO, with Pentax 6x7 Bajonett Adapter
  • Field Corrector Reducer, flattens the field of telescopic viewing and reduces the focal ratio by .9x: decreasing it from f/7 to f/6.3.
  • 120mm for TEC APO 200 f/8 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351030) and 100mm Backfocus for TEC APO 250VT f/8.8 Fluorite Apochromat (#1351090, € 66900,-) , making it perfect for deep space astro-photography.
  • Fits with the FTF#3545 Starlight Instruments Focuser
  • CNC machined and produced in house (TEC
  • Ask for camera accessories

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Additional Information

Manufacturer TEC
SKU (#) 1351253
EAN Code 4047825041678
Compression Factor 0.9x
Optimal Back Focus (mm) TEC APO 200 f/8: 120 mm | TEC APO 250VT f/8.8: 100 mm

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