TEC Bino 160 FL

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TEC Bino 160 FL

# 1351315

€ 38,700.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 32,521.01

  • Made out of two TEC 160 FL Fluorite Apochromat
  • Aperture 6,3" (160 mm), focal length 1120 mm
  • Excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element
  • Durable oil spaced lens - Why an oil-spaced triplet-lens?
  • with 3.5" Feather Touch Focussierer of Starlight Instruments and 3" Matsumoto EMS Erecting Mirror System for 2" and 1¼" eyepieces
  • incl. Precision tube rings with 3" dovetail to mount the bino
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TEC (Teleskope Engeneering Company) ) has been producing apochromatic high-end telescopes for many years now. As customers requested, TEC has now started to offer astronomical binocular telescopes or "binoscopes". Such instruments offer an extrordinary usability and functionality for visual astronomy. The well-known advantages of binocular viewing can be found in perfection here.

A normal bino-viewer spreads the aperture of one telescope to both eyes, while a binoscope provides von telescope for each eye. The light paths are guided into your eyes by a special erecting mirror systems, which TEC gets from Matsumoto and integrates into the system.

The currently available bino-telescopes of several manufacturers usually have apertures between 80 and 120 mm. TEC only starts at 140 mm. There are currently three sizes: 140 mm, 160 mm and 180 mm – all built the same way. But even a special edition with 200 mm or even 250 mm aperture is possible! TEC (Teleskope Engeneering Company) can produce BINO versions of all three telescope models, however we recommend a BINO version of the 160FL F/7 or 160FL F/11 over the 180FL F/7. An APO180FL F/7 BINO will be very difficult to move and handle due to the weight and size, and would require a more permanent setup.

We would primarily recommend the 10Micron AZ2000 HPS-Montierung for the 160FL BINO setups and the 10Micron AZ3000 HPS-Montierung for the 180FL BINO.

The advantage of astronomical bino-telescopes over the usual giant binoculars is that they are true apochromatic optics. They are of a much higher optical quality, because they were meant to be used as single telescopes and to deliver fine images even at highest magnifications. Giant binoculars are usually not designed for magnifications beyond 100x, the bino-telescopes by TEC can deliver much higher magnifications. 150x is nor problem at all.

In nights with a better seeing than 1", also magnifications up to 300x are possible.

All astronomical bino-telescopes by TEC share these properties:

  • made out of two high-end lens telescopes
  • apochromatic lenses with three-elements
  • oil-spaced and permanently sealed with TEC special design,
  • TEC 140 BINO with ED middle element
  • TEC 160 and 180 with Fluorit middle element
  • 3.5" Feathertouch focuser
  • Precision tube rings with 3" dovetail to mount the bino
  • 3" Matsumoto EMS Erecting Mirror System for 2" and 1¼" eyepieces
  • shipped in a sturdy wooden box

TEC APO 160 f/7 Fluorit Apochromat


APO160FL - is the next step in size after APO140ED, keep in mind there is quite a difference in price here for the improvements in color correction. This scope by style is a scaled version of the APO14O, but of different optical design, is slightly longer and heavier, and may require a larger mount. APO160FL has excellent color correction thanks to glass combined with Fluorite as a middle element

The APO 160 has number of features that in a given combination are rarely found in one scope:

  • Precision apochromatic objective with modern coating that makes lenses almost invisible
  • Retractable Dew Shield
  • Light weight tube assembly
  • FeatherTouch 360° rotatable focuser with coarse and fine focusing
  • Collet type eyepiece holder

>> More details about APO 160 f/7 Fluorite Apochromat

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Additional Information

Manufacturer TEC
SKU (#) 1351315
EAN Code 4047825018823
Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor
Aperture (mm) 160 mm (6.3")
Focal Length 1120 mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Highest Useful Magnification ca. 340x
Tube (Material) Lightweight tube with baffles
Mirror System Matsumoto 3″ EMS
Included Items
Focuser 3,5″ Feathertouch

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