TEC APO 140 f/7 ED Triplet Apochromat

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TEC APO 140 f/7 ED Triplet Apochromat

# 1351000

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  • Apochromatic Triplet Objective
  • with FPL-53 ED glass as a middle element
  • Clear aperture 5.5" (140mm), focal length 980 mm
  • The color correction is optimized for visual use with focus shift less than 0.02% from 436nm to 1000nm.
  • Durable oil spaced lens - Why an oil-spaced triplet-lens?
  • 3.5" Feather Touch Focussierer of Starlight Instruments
Important note: This product is not being produced individually anymore. The predecessor model is the TEC APO 140 FL.

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TEC APO 140 f/7 Tripelt Apochromat


The TEC APO 140 has a number of features that in a given combination are rarely found in one scope:

  • Precision apochromatic objective with modern coating that makes lenses almost invisible
  • Oiled and fully sealed lens triplet, for fastest thermal adaptation and minimum of haze and reflections
  • Retractable baffle
  • Light tube assembly
  • FeatherTouch 360° rotatable focuser with coarse and fine focusing
  • Collet type eyepice holder
  • Line of accessories, including: Precision tube rings with adjustable latches, Dovetail plate (same width and fit as Losmandy plates), Finder bracket with new principle of finder adjustment, Choice of two kind of cases.
Korrigiert von 436- bis 1000 Nanometer. Optimiert für die e-Linie bei 546 nm
  • APO140 is an Aplanatic Oiled Triplet refractor with ED glass (FPL-53) as a middle element.
  • The color correction is optimized for visual use with focus shift less than 0.02% from 436nm to 1000nm. Calculated Strehl for e-line (546nm) is 0.99.
  • Intereferometry of the first run lenses showed that the average Strehl is close to calculated with a very smooth wave front and RMS less than 1/50. air-spaced objectives. The outside surfaces of front and rear lenses are coated with 7 layers of antireflective coating, that reduce light reflection to the average 0.25% in range of 400-700nm.
TEC 140 APO mit ölgefügtem Triplet-Objektiv
TEC 140 APO with oiled and fully sealed lens triplet!
TEC 140 APO ED Rohrschellen
CNC machined, black anodized aluminum, compact and lightweight design with stainless steel latches
TEC 140 APO ED Feather Touch Fokussierer
The Feather Touch 3545 was a collaborative design effort between Telescope Engineering and Starlight Instruments for TEC's line of fine refractors. It was designed to provide the user the with the best possible control while focusing using a 9:1 fine focus reduction assembly along with other features that make the use of the telescope simple and functional.


Clear aperture 5.5" / 140 mm
Focal length 980 mm
Focal ratio 7.0
Image scale 3.5 arc min/mm
Resolution (theoretical) 0.8 arc sec
Focuser Feather Touch 3545
Eyepiece holder 2" Collet type
Focusing range 4.5" / 114 mm
One turn focus travel Coarse 21.5 mm / Fine 2.3 mm
Back focus distance 6.7" / 170 mm
Focuser load capacity 10 lb
Tube assembly diameter 5.9" / 150 mm
Baffle dia. 7" / 178 mm
TA length (shortest) 34" / 864 mm
Balance point position 14" ± 1" (350 mm ± 25 mm) from the focuser flange
OTA weight 19 lb / 8.6 kg / (for tube rings - add 2 lb)
Lens coatings: Broad band 7 layers antireflection coating (BBAR)
Includes : Optical tube assembly, front cover, plug.

Pictures taken with TEC APO 140 ED

Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: Moon
M42, M43
Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: M42, M43
NGC 281
Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: NGC 281
NGC 1396
Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: IC 1396, Accessories: Baader Filterset
IC 405
Picture: R. Geissinger, Object: IC 405, Accessories: Baader Filterset
IC 405
Picture: H. Heinicke, Object: Sun in H-alpha Light, Accessories: aader Telezentrik + SolarSpectrum H-alpha Filter
IC 405
Picture: H. Heinicke, Object: Moon + Venus

More pictures are available here: Homepage

Recommended 0.72x Telecompressor Corrector # 140 5371 of Astro Physics


This Reducer/Corrector reduces the focal length of the 140 ED from 980 mm to 700 mm and gives you a focal ratio of f/5. For a full frame camera (24 x 36 mm), this results in a field of view of 3 x 2 degree at an image circle of 50 mm, diffraction limited and free of vignetting.

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Additional Information

Manufacturer TEC
SKU (#) 1351000
Manufacturer SKU (#) 140 700
EAN Code 4047825018960
Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor
Clear Aperture 5.5" (140mm)
Focal Length 980 mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Back Focus Distance 6.7" (170mm)
Tube diameter (max) 5.9" (150 mm)
Image Scale 3.5 arcmin / mm
Optical length (mm) 34" (864 mm)
Optical Tube Weight 19lb (8,6 kg)
Included Items
Focuser Feather Touch 3545

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