Bundle: StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguider with QHY miniGuidescope

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Bundle: StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguider with QHY miniGuidescope

# 1485001B

€ 950.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 798.32

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  • Complete autoguiding set for fully automatic autoguiding, only needs USB power supply
  • Fits standard finder shoe - weighs only 355g, can stay mounted in one piece!
  • The set includes:
  • The QHY miniGuideScope is a great match for StarAid which works best with guidescopes with focal lengths of 100mm-150mm.
  • Ideal for anyone doing astrophotography with a transportable mount and a DSLR or mirrorless system camera

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StarAid Revolution Product Features

The StarAid is a fully automatic standalone autoguider: once connected to the mount's autoguider port and a power supply via USB, it independently calibrates the mount and starts guiding. Via the built-in Wifi and the browser of a smartphone or laptop, the web app integrated in the StarAid can be accessed to focus the StarAid or to start the PlateSolving routine to precisely align the mount in a few minutes.

Features StarAid Revolution Revision B

More details about the StarAid stand-alone autoguider can be found on the product page:   StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguiding - Revision B (#1485001, € 890,-)

The QHY miniGuideScope

As the pixels of CMOS sensors are getting smaller and smaller and the quantum efficiency (sensitivity of the sensor) is increasing, there is no need to use telescopes with large aperture and long focal length as guiding systems. It is a big advantage of the QHY miniGuideScope that the payload of the mount is greatly reduced.

On the rear of the guide scope there is a black CS screw thread adapter for direct camera attachment and many guide cameras use this type of mount. The guidescope is compatible with the current QHY Series II and Series III cameras such as the QHY5L-II-M, QHY5-III-178 and QHY5-III-290 as well as a range of other cameras using the CS lens thread attachment. This miniGuideScope is also a great match for StarAid Revolution Standalone Autoguiding - Revision B (#1485001, € 890,-) which works best with guidescopes with focal lengths of 100mm-150mm. In this case, the black threaded adapter at the end of the miniGuideScope must be replaced with StarAid 1.25" to C-Mount adapter ring, 5mm height (#1485010, € 30,-) . For those doing astrophotography using a camera tracking platform and a DSLR/Mirrorless camera, the combination of the small lightweight miniGuideScope and the "without-a-pc operation" of the StarAid Revolution for guiding and camera control contribute towards a truly portable grab-and-go astroimaging system.

The objective has a focal length of 130mm and an aperture of 30mm, which results in an aperture ratio of f/4.3. The small pixels of the StarAid Revolution can reliably detect and immediately correct  tracking errors even with the relatively short focal length of 130mm. Thanks to subpixel guiding, tracking is limited only by air turbulence; a longer focal length brings no advantage. Another advantage of the short focal length - even with relatively small sensors - is that the field of view is so large that a suitable guide star can be found in practically every region of the sky.


Additional Information

SKU (#) 1485001B
EAN Code 4047825051226
Compatible Brands QHYCCD Cameras
Included Accessories Lieferumfang: StarAid Revolution (Ø 39 x 39 mm); USB-A to USB-C cable (1m); Guiding cable (RJ-12, 6P6C cable, 0.5m flat); Splitter (36 x 22 x 20 mm); Uplink cable (RJ45, CAT6 cable, flex Ø 3 mm x 2 m), QHYminiGuideScope with mount option

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