QHY4040 Cooled Scientific Cameras (CMT, CMN)

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QHY4040 Cooled Scientific Cameras (CMT, CMN)

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€ 15,340.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 12,890.76

  • Cooled scientific camera uses the Gsense4040FSI front-illuminated, 16.8 Megapixel, CMOS image sensor – 36.9mm x 36.9mm square sensor with 9.0um pixels in a 4k x 4k array
  • Multiple Pixel Clocks, 20 FPS at Full Resolution
  • Has a peak QE of 74% at 600nm, ultra high dynamic range of 86dB, extremely low readout noise of 3.7e- and Zero Amplifier Glow 
  • 26ke- Full Well at Low Gain and 0.2e- Dark Current at -15C
  • With Electronic Rolling Shutter and Two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (-35 °C below ambient)
  • USB3.0 High speed interface with up to 5GB of bandwidth 
  • Ideal for astronomical, biological, X-ray imaging
  • The QHY4040 is available in two versions:
    • QHY4040 FSI with built-in 128MB DDR3 memory and USB3.0 High speed interface with up to 5GB of bandwidth
    • QHY4040PRO FSI with bulit-in 2GByte (16Gbit) DDR3 memory and nd SB3.0 High speed interface plus 2x10 Fiber port
  • Please select the appropriate QHY4040 camera for further technical details from the Drop-Down menu below
Important note: The scientific CMOS cameras of QHYCCD are not in stock and can be ordered from the manufacturer on request. Please contact us in advance by email if you would like to place an order

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€ 15,340.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 12,890.76

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QHY4040 FSI Cooled Scientific Cameras (CMT, CMN)

Large Area Sensor, 36.9 x 36.9mm 4K x 4K
The QHY4040 uses a GSENSE4040FSI front-illuminated, 16.8 Megapixel, 36mm square, scientific CMOS image sensor. With a five transistor (5T) HDR pixel design and a 9μm pitch, the sensor can achieve 3.7e- read noise and 74ke- full well capacity in HDR mode. The QHY4040 camera achieves 20 FPS at full resolution with USB 3.0. This makes the QHY4040 an ideal camera for various applications.

QHY4040 - Spectral Response

Multiple Pixel Clocks, 20 FPS at Full Resolution
The QHY4040 has a USB3.0 high-speed interface with up to 5GB of bandwidth. The camera achieves 1:1 video output at 20 frames per second (8-bit) with 4096 x 4096 resolution or 8FPS in low noise 12-bit mode. As different clock rates affect read noise performance, the QHY4040 supports five readout clocks and 8FPS, 12FPS, 16FPS, 18FPS and 20FPS frame rates.

74% QE, 86dB Dynamic Range, 3.7e- Read Noise
Currently, the QHY4040 is only available in a front illuminated version. The QHY4040 has an ultra-high dynamic range of 86dB and an extremely low readout noise of 3.7e-. This makes the camera exceptional for astronomical imaging, medical imaging, life sciences, fluorescence detection, trace sciences.

Dual Stage Regulated TE Coolling -35C
The QHY4040 has 2-stage thermoelectric cooling that reduces the sensor temperature to -35 °C below ambient. TE cooling significantly reduces dark current and produces cleaner, lower noise images over long exposures.

Astronomical Imaging, Biological Imaging, X-Ray Imaging, Dynamic DR
The high sensitivity, large field of view, 9um pixel size and large dynamic range are all ideal for astronomical imaging.  The large 36.9mm x 36.9mm sensor with high resolution, high quality Image output also makes the QHY4040 ideal for Biological imaging.  For dynamic medical x-ray DR imaging the QHY4040 sensor size matches most industry-standard DR lenses and the high frame rate and low readout noise performance is ideal for X-ray imaging.

The QHY4040 is available in two version:

Full Well Only support Low Gain Channel 26 ke- Low Gain Channel 26ke-, High Gain >70 ke-
AD Sample Depth

Dual 12 bit ADC (only output High Gain channel)

Dual 12 Bit ADC, 1. Dual Channel Output  Together Mode. 2. Single Channel Mode (High Gain Channel)
USB3.0 Interface USB3.0 USB 3.0 and 2x10Gbps fiber port
Built-in Image Buffer
128 MB DDR 2 2GB DDR 3
Humidity Sensor
No Yes
Full Frame Rate

USB3.0 Mode

20FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 4)
18FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 3)
16FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 2)
12FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 1)
8FPS@4096*4096 8bit (Clock Speed 0)
8FPS@4096*4096 12bit (Clock Speed 0)

PRO (2x10 GB fiber Mofr):

24FPS@4096*4096 16bit 
20FPS@4096*4096 16bit 
13FPS@4096*4096 16bit 
10FPS@4096*4096 16bit 
8FPS@4096*4096 16bit 

PRO (USB 3.0 Mode):

20FPS@4096*4096 8bit
13FPS@4096*4096 8bit
10FPS@4096*4096 16bit and 8bit 
8FPS@4096*4096 16bit and 8bit

Further detail information can be found on the original webpage of QHYCCD


If you have any further questions, please send us an email to kontakt (at) baader-planetarium.de.

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