QHY 1 ¼" Ring-Dovetail-Adapter for QHY-Filter Wheels

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QHY 1 ¼" Ring-Dovetail-Adapter for QHY-Filter Wheels

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QHY 1 ¼" Ring-Dovetail-Adapter for 1 ¼" cameras (QHY5III Serie), compatible with CFW3 Filter Wheels

Many planetary imagers like to take filtered images of the planets using a monochrome camera and filter wheel rather than using a color camera. Also, many planetary images enjoy the high speed and low price of our QHY 5-III Series cameras. Additionally, the are excellent solar cameras and, dur to their low noise characteristics, may also be used for deep space by stacking shorter exposures.

Therefore, in response to requests to provide a solution for using the QHY 5-III series mono cameras and CFW3 filter wheel, we now have a simple adapter available for the smaller 1 ¼" Series III cameras.

Competent pairings result in combination with the QHY 5-III-290M, which can also serve as a guiding camera with its high frame rate. A high-resolution alternative is the QHY 5-III-178M, which, in addition to a larger sensor, is the only model in the lineup to record 14-bit grayscale. The most powerful model, QHY 5-III-174M, has more than four times the chip area of the 290M and offers higher dynamic range and deep-sky potential with large pixels.

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Manufacturer QHYCCD
SKU (#) 1932713
EAN Code 4047825051936
Compatible Brands QHYCCD Cameras

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