QHY APS Cooled Color CCD-Cameras

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QHY APS Cooled Color CCD-Cameras

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  • APS-C cooled single shot Sony CCD cameras: QHY10,QHY12 - the primary difference in arrays the pixel size and pixel count (10 to 14.2 Megapixel)
  • All cameras use the APS-C size SONY CCD Sensor that exhibit very low dark current noise, excellent cooling and is ideal for clean long exposure imaging.
  • Outer camera body finish is matte black to avoid reflection when used in Hyperstar configurations
  • Dual-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC), achieve -40 below ambient
  • Equipped with a standard RJ11 guiding port compatible with a majority of mounts
  • Include a line clamp and Drying Tube
  • Please select the appropriate QHY APS-C cooled Sony CCD camera (QHY10 ,QHY12) for further technical details form the Drop-Down menu below

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€ 1,584.03 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 1,365.54

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QHY APS gekühlte Farb-CCD-Kameras

The QHY10 is an APS-C size cooled single shot CCD camera using SONY's ICX493AQA sensor. It has 10 Megapixels with a pixel size of 6.05 x 6.05um. The QHY10 has two-stage thermoelectric cooling that reduces the temperature of the CCD to -40C below ambient. The combination of QHYCCD cooling technology and SONY SuperHAD low dark current technology results in an exceptionally clean, low noise image, even in a very long exposure. In addition to the very low thermal noise of Sony's SuperHAD technology, this sensor has a high full well capacity. Even with high resolution 6.05um square pixels, it has a 45ke- full well. This is almost double that of the ICX413 with 7.8um square pixels, and almost double that of the KAF-8300 color sensor with 5.4um square pixels. The high full well capacity yields a higher dynamic range allowing a longer exposure time without signal saturation. This yields better colors and smaller star points. The QHY10 comes with a clip for USB and power cables to help keep solid connections and avoid conditions that result in loss of contact.

Compared to other cameras using the KAF-8300C, the QHY10 has a larger sensor, larger pixel size, more pixels, greater full well capacity (dynamic range), lower thermal noise, lower read noise, and smaller body size. It has an electronic shutter and 2-stage TE cooling. If you are considering an 8300 color camera, don't hesitate get an affordably priced QHY10 right now.

The QHY12 with 14.2 Megapixelsis the highest resolution in the QHYCCD cooled APS size color CCD family. The CCD sensor is Sony's ICX613 Super HAD sensor which has very low thermal noise and readout noise. If you have a Hyperstar telescope, the QHY12 is a very good choice. Its small diameter will not obstruct the entrance beyond the secondary. The small 5.12um pixels will yield higher details of deep space objects.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to kontakt (at) baader-planetarium.de.

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