Pyxis Instrument Rotator

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Pyxis Instrument Rotator

# 1317100

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  • Optec's Pyxis Camera Field Rotator with 3" of clear aperature and Optec 3600 dovetail mount
  • Designed to hold large instrument packages without any flex or wobble
  • With a resolution of 0.01875 degrees per step, rotation of the central tube or derotation of long-exposure Alt-Az images will pose no problem
  • Can be controlled by a PC computer running the Optec PYXIS.exe control software or third party compatible software. Manual control is not possible

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Optec Pyxis Instrument Rotator

Pyxis 3-inch Details

De-rotation of the field for long exposure images with alt-azimuth mounted telescope and rotation of the guide chip for SBIG camera to a suitable bright guide star are the two primary uses of this instrument.

The Pyxis 3-inch has a full 3 inches of clear aperture and is designed to hold large instrument packages without flexure or wobble. A 6-inch bronze worm gear and stainless worm rotate the center tube with a resolution of 0.01875 degree per step from the stepper motor.

This model is large and heavy and is intended for larger telescopes on observatory caliber mounts. The 2.4-inch thickness warrants telescopes that can accommodate this increase in the back-focus distance. It uses the same telescope mounts and camera side adapters as the TCF-S3 - Optec's 3-inch temperature compensating focuser. Any telescope mount or camera side adapter has to be ordered separately.

They can only be controlled by a PC computer running the Optec PYXIS.exe control software or third party compatible software. Manual control is not possible. A flat wire serial cable is available for connection to a standard RS-232 interface COM port at 19.2K baud. Standard lengths and custom lengths up to 100 feet are possible. Cables and COM port adapters need to be ordered separately.

A 15 VDC regulated power supply is included. Stepping up to 15 volts DC provides about 20% more torque without sacrificing speed.

Optec's Pyxis Control program PYXIS.exe (see on the download-page for the latest version) is included with the unit on a CD disk.

More information and specifications are available in the Pyxis manual.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to kontakt (at)

Read more detailed informaton about the Optec Motorfocucer Programm by Baader Planetarium here.

Please note the additional details on the Tab "Downloads"


Additional Information

Manufacturer Optec
SKU (#) 1317100
EAN Code 4047825034403
Inner Diameter / Clear Aperture (mm) 3" (76.2mm)
Resolution 46080 steps / 0.0078125º (0.46875 arc minutes)
Gear Diameter: 5.625 inches, 360 teeth double start, 64 pitch, gear reduction: 960:1
Motor bipolar stepper
Power Input 12VDC, 11.7 to 12.3 volts DC, 400 ma for high torque motor running
Software Optec PYXIS.exe control software or third party compatible software
Width (mm) 6.5" (165.1mm) without adapters
Height (mm) 7.45"(189.2mm) without adapters
Thickness (mm) 2.4" (61mm) without adapters
Included Accessories 15 VDC regulated power supply with a right angle 2.5 mm power jack?? Oder nur 12VDC, Various hex keys, CD disk with Pyxis control software and manual

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