Protective-Disconnect Elbowed plug for 60W OTP

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Protective-Disconnect Elbowed plug for 60W OTP

# 2457634

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  • Additional Protective-Disconnect Elbowed Plug, for OTP #2457630
  • 1x included in 60W OTP scope of supply
  • Plud dimensions 2,1 x 5,5 mm, fits also e.g. for the Celestron LiFePO4 PowerTanks

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Protective-Disconnect Elboewd Plug

The Protective-Disconnect Elboewd Plug is the solution for two problems: It protects the mount from mechanical damage caused by pull on the cable, and it ensures a better hold of the cable in the mount.

We are often asked if it is possible to screw the power cable into the mount. The reason for this is that many 12V cables don't fit tight enough and easily lose contact. Unfortunately, a firmly attached cable is a source of danger that is often underestimated: If someone stumbles over the cable, in the worst case he can knock over a light mount with telescope. With heavy, stationary mounts, the cable can get stuck (which goes unnoticed especially in remote observatories) and in the worst case the power socket can be torn off the circuit board. Both cause expensive repairs. That's why we offer the Protective Disconnect Elbowed Plug, which introduces a predetermined breaking point and can simply be plugged back together again. The original polarity of the cable is retained; you cannot mount the plug with the wrong polarity.

The Elbowed Plug also fits more firmly into the power connection of the mount than many inexpensive cables. The desire to connect the cable to the mount for better hold is thus fulfilled even without the potentially dangerous screw connection.

AEspecially for stationary mounts we generally recommend a strain relief via cable loop. Please also note our warranty information.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2457634
EAN Code 4047825036988
Net weight (kg) 0.004

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