PlaneWave IRDK12.5 Dall-Kirkham f/8

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PlaneWave IRDK12.5 Dall-Kirkham f/8

# 1323212IQ

€ 13,950.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 11,722.69

  • IRDK 12.5 Astrograph, 12.5 inch Infrared optimized with Fused Silica Optic
  • a Dall-Kirkham optical design with coatings that are optimized to transmit in infrared or ultra violet wavelengths
  • 3" Dovetail, focal length 2.541 mm (f/8)
  • Delta T Ready, 3,5" Hedrick Focuser (without EFA Kit)
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PlaneWave IRDK 12.5" DAll-Kirkham

Planewave Dall-Kirkham Optical Tube Assembly

This is a Dall-Kirkham optical design with coatings that are optimized to transmit in infrared or ultra violet wavelengths. It is diffraction limited across a 20mm image circle at the focal plane. There are no refractive lens, only reflective components to the design. For IR application, reflectives coatings are a protected gold which give better than 98% reflectivity from .65 micron (650nm) to 5 micron (5000nm). This design is ideal for infrared astronomy or LIDAR applications. UV optimized coatings can also be used at an additional cost.

The DK is available in the three different apertures 12.5 ", 20", 24" and 28".



Aperture 12.5 inch (318 mm)
Focal Length 2541 mm(100.04 inch)
Focal ratio f/8
Central Obstruction 39%
Back Focus from Mounting Surface 10.445 inch (265 mm),
Back Focus from Racked in Focuser 7.2 inch (183 mm)
OTA Length 31 inch (787 mm)
Optical Tube Carbon Fiber
Weight includes manual-focuser and dovetail) 46 lbs(20.9 kg)



Diameter 4.65 inch (118 mm)
Material Fused Silica
Shape Spherical
Coating Protected Gold Reflective Coating - 98% (.65-16micron)


Carbon Fiber Tube Design Minimizes thermal expansion which causes focus shift with changes in temperature
Dovetail expansion joint Allows for the difference in thermal expansion between carbon fiber and aluminum. The expansion joint allows the aluminum dovetail expand and contract without stressing the carbon fiber lower truss
2.75 inch Hedrick Focuser Heavy duty no-slip focuser. The focus tube runs on 5 bearings and is driven by a leadscrew so there is no chance of slipping. Focus may be automated through a computer using PlaneWave's EFA Kit add-on. The draw tube travel is 1.3 inch.
Cooling Fans Three fans blow out of the optical tube pulling air though the telescope and by the primary mirror. This helps the telescope to reach thermal equilibrium quickly. The fans are controlled by a switch on the optical tube or can be conrolled by a computer if the optional Electronic Focus Accessory (EFA Kit) is purchased.
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Additional Information

Manufacturer Planewave
SKU (#) 1323212IQ
Manufacturer SKU (#) 125120Q
EAN Code 4047825039927
Optical Design Dall-Kirkham
Aperture (mm) 12,5" (318mm)
Focal Length 2.541 mm (100.04 inch)
Focal Ratio f/8
Image Field 52 mm
Back Focus Distance 10.45inch (265 mm) from Mounting Surface, 7,2 inch (183 mm) from Racked in Focuser
Central Obstruction 39 %
Substrate Fused Silica
Optical length (mm) 31 inch (787 mm)
Optical Tube Weight 46 lbs (21 kg)
Mount No mount (OTA only)

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