Baader MaxBright® II Sets

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Baader MaxBright® II Sets

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  • Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer with adapters to T-2 and Zeiss micro-bayonet in a padded carrying case
  • With further accessories to connect it to any telescope with shortest possible mechanical distance
  • Available with T-2 90° star diagonal (32mm Baader prism), Classic Ortho eyepieces, various adapters and glasspath correctors in the set, depending on the application.
  • Please select the appropriate set below for further technical details
Important note: Now also available in a set with two Classic Ortho or Classic Plössl eyepieces each at a favourable set price (two eyepieces for the price of one).

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€ 495.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 415.97

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What Glasspathcorrector would I require for my Altair Astro 152 v3 achromatic refractor and my skywatcher 127 Mak, would I require a different one for each or would one cover both.
Question by: Robert on Jul 28, 2020 5:00:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Read the extensive 22-page test review by Bill Paolini (May 2nd, 2020)

Baader MaxBright® II Sets

The Maxbright® II Binoviewer is available in differents sets which include further accessories.

Not included are Glasspath Correctors (which version you need depends on your telescope), eyepieces, star diagonal and T-2-adapter. Detailed informatin about the accessories can be found in our Instruction Manual of the Maxbright® II Binoviewer.

Glasspath Correctors (GC)

A Baader Glasspath Corrector ® (GC) A Baader Glasspath Corrector (GC) fulfills two critical roles. Firstly, it corrects the glass path – that's the amount of glass through which light passes on its way through the prisms and which causes chromatic aberrations (colour errors) with fast telescopes. Secondly, the GC magnifies the focal length and moves the focal point of the main telescope. You will find more information about choosing the right compensator in the Instruction Manual of the Maxbright® II Binoviewer.

1¼" and 2" Nosepieces

A T-2 nosepiece in 1¼" (31,8mm, # 2458105 ) or 2" (50,8 mm, # 2408150) is used to connect the binoviewer either through the pre-installed T-2 coupling nut or the optional TQC quick changer with a focuser/eyepiece clamp. They can also be used to use a T-2 star diagonal at 1¼" or 2" focusers.

1¼" Star Diagonals

The optical length (that is, the necessary back-focus) must be added to the optical length of the binoviewer.

We offer the following Baader MaxBright® II Sets:

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