After we had already set up a 10Micron GM3000 HPS with 7" StarFire and 4" Zeiss refractor in a "shelter" at the Stuttgart Observatory in 2017, we have now been commissioned to set up a new "Astrograph 3.0" observation station in an existing dome from a third-party supplier. It will be used primarily for astrophotography, for research on star occultations, and also for related research activities such as spectroscopy and photometry.

The observatory received two new telescopes:
A PlaneWave CDK17 with 17" aperture and 2939 mm focal length, and a fast Newtonian Takahashi Epsilon 180ED with 18cm aperture and 500 mm focal length.
Both telescopes are mounted on a 10micron GM4000 HPS.

A time-lapse video of the setup of the observatory's YouTube channel can be seen below.