On the 3221m high Mount Graham in Arizona stands an observatory like no other, because it consists of two huge optical telescopes on a single mount under an enormous protective structure: the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory (LBTO).

Next to it, a downright tiny Baader 2.3m AllSky dome has now been installed. It houses a solar polarimeter, which would be connected to an instrument of the LBT.

Thank you again for your great product, your beautiful dome!
It has got a place of honor on the balcony of the giant dome building, the most powerful telescope on earth so far, on Mount Graham in Arizona, and will always protect our special instrument, our solar polarimeter, and help us to get very interesting observation results for many years.

Surely one day, for a new project, a cooperation with you will arise again.

Read more about this special dome installation and the resulting solar research in our blog post

Note from Baader Planetarium:

Baader 2.3m AllSky-Dome

Worlds only COTS-Turnkey-Clamshell-dome for space surveillance purposes that is fully operational within an hour after arrival

Shipping a dome is voluminous and commonly it takes several days/weeks for final assembly. This dome is made to fit into a truck, with all mechanics, electronics, autonomous weather sensors, PC-connection, uninterrupted power supply fully assembled. Just twelve anchor bolts need to be drilled into a prepared concrete slab of 200 cm diameter. Hook up your PC and the dome is ready to go 24/7 – for a lifetime.

We do recommend and invite customers to visit us for the final acceptance test (FAT) prior to shipping the dome, so that all dome functions have been checked, all software is discussed and ready to work, w/o skilled technical personal required on site.