This special type of dome was designed for space and satellite applications. The fast dome rotation allows the telescope to continuously track even satellites in very low orbits. Likewise, the observation of so-called "space debris" is possible, i.e. non-steerable rocket parts, satellite debris or disused satellites in low earth orbit and posing a danger to space travel. This is precisely the purpose of the station, which was developed by the company DIGOS on behalf of ESA and is now well protected in our dome.

Our installation team had the task of installing one of our HighSpeed domes on the Teide in Tenerife in May 2021. The conditions were almost perfect for the installation of the dome. With temperatures above freezing, the sun shone from a deep blue sky. As usual, the assembly was carried out routinely in four days, of course by the same team that had already assembled and tested this dome at our factory.

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