Dalhousie University (Eureka)

In August 2010 Baader Planetarium erected a deep temperature professional 3.2 meter dome, together with an AZ 2000 AltAz-mount with thermocover on the order of Dalhousie University Halifax (Dept. of Physics and Atmospheric Research) and University of Toronto/Canada suitable for star-photometric research in the high Arctic region.

The location is on Ellesmere Island at 80° North latitude. The EUREKA-station is world´s northermost permanently manned civil point of research. From here it is approx 1000km to the North Pole. Accordingly temperatures in the Arctic winter will drop to – 56°C which requires highly sophisticated technical solutions for the whole installation and especially for all electric drives and electronics. A smaller dome as shown did not survive the harsh environment and had to be left there dysfunctional.