5.3m – Skinakas Observatory (University of Crete)

After 35 years of operation of Baader domes on Mt. Skinakas, in autumn 2021 a 5.3m Baader slit dome joined its "siblings", the large 8m dome (built in 1998) and the smaller 3.2m dome (built in 1986), both of which are still operating without problems continuously.

Wind speeds from Mt. Skinakas in November 2021. The current max speed of 183 km/h is "off the charts".

We are pleased to have been commissioned again to install another dome on this legendary mountain - close to the mythological birthplace of Zeus.  All domes installed there have to withstand many lightning strikes as well as extremely high wind speeds of up to 250 km/h. The previous domes, which had been erected there by other suppliers, were literally "blown away".

The installation itself had something mystical about it. Bands of clouds moved over the mountain and enclosed the dome in billowing fog – but at the decisive moment the sky cleared and revealed a view of the barren yet beautiful surrounding landscape – as well as all three domes in an incredible panorama.

We were able to capture all of this for you in the pictures and video below: