2,6 Meter Classic Dome (Spaltkuppel)

When I was a child, I could see the Milky Way at clear skies in my home region. This defining experience disappeared more and more with increasing light pollution. I used my first homemade telescope in the Harz Mountains to observe the moon and planets. My professional life took me to Berlin and that was the end of sky observation for me. So the desire grew in me to build a small observatory outside Berlin. In close proximity to the Westhavelland Star Park, the time had come in 2021: with the best supervision by Mr Baader and his team, a 2.6 m dome was lifted onto the building. The interior, filled with a PlaneWave CDK 14 and a TEC APO 140, allows me extended walks through the planetary and stellar world.
An anecdote: when the crane lowered the dome, a police car drove by. The policemen asked me if I wanted to build a mosque. There was then a look of smiles on their faces when I cleared up this mistake.

Bernhard Gaßmann