Glasspathcorrector 1:1,25 for Baader-Binoviewer with Zeiss ring dovetail (MaxBright® II and Mark V)

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Glasspathcorrector 1:1,25 for Baader-Binoviewer with Zeiss ring dovetail (MaxBright® II and Mark V)

# 2456314Z

€ 122.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 102.52

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  • Glasspathcorrector Factor 1,25. Focus gain: ca. 20mmInsert diameter: ∅ 38 mm
  • Suitable to insert into the Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer or Mark V Großfeld (Giant)-Binocular (#2456410 , € 1425,-)
  • A Baader Glaspathcorrector is not a Barlow lens! The reason for this name (in Germany the name Glaswegkorrektor® is a protected trademark by Baader Planetarium) is only secondly the displacement of the focal point
  • A Glaspathcorrector is primarily intended to correct the prismatic color fringing that occurs on Refractors due to the high amount of glasses used in binocular prisms
  • Please note: The Baader MaxBright® II Binoviewer with case (#2456460 , € 479,-) is the only Baader-Bino where you can choose between Zeiss ring-dovetail and T-2 thread adapter.

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Is it possible to stack GPC's without losing image quality?

For example, a 1,25x or 1,70 GPC on top of the 1,7x newtonian GPC with a Mark V binoviewer. That would give a nice flexibility.
Question by: Saul on Jan 18, 2017 11:53:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Whats the main difference between 2456314Z & 2456314? Can the Zeiss dovetail version also be used in the reverse configuration (eg threaded into the T-2 prism)?
Question by: Tony on Mar 25, 2021 8:10:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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Can the Baader GPC be used for mono viewing with one of the Baader t2 diagonals and a single eyepiece? Cannot replace a Barlow?
Question by: Manoj on Sep 27, 2023 7:09:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

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I would like to know how to check the way of the lens of 2456314Z or 2456314. Because I forgot whether my 2456314 was modified the way of the lens cell for markV which is used with newtonian GPC currently.
Best regards
Yutaka Takagi
Question by: Yutaka Takagi on Sep 20, 2021 5:10:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Additional Information

EAN Code 4047825027399
Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2456314Z
Net weight (kg) 0.02
Outer Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) M34, M42 x 0.75 (T-2)
Magnification (x) 1 : 1,25
Optical length (mm) ≥ -30
Optical Design Glaspath Corrector
compatible telescopes Refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrain, Newton

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