Turn-Key Observatory Solutions – 2.1 to 8.5 Meter

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Turn-Key Observatory Solutions – 2.1 to 8.5 Meter
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  • Turn-key Observatories (2.1 - 8.5 Meter) are available as classic slit-domes or as AllSky domes
  • Includes all steps to a fully functional remote (robotic) controlled observatory: Consulting on dome model and building sites, suggestion on equipment such as mount, telescope and accessories, as well as transport, installation and training
  • Various electronic features possiple, from classic observatory use over remote controlled use up to fully robotic and autonomical dome
  • Customized to your needs, suitable for all kinds of uses, for amateur use but also schools, universities and science
Important note: This product is not for sale online. Prices are calculated exactly tailored to your requirements. Further information on starting prices and contact form can be found here.

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Dome Requests: Information, starting price, contact form

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Are you seriously interested in a Baader dome? Please see our page with further information on the requirements for the installation of Baader domes.



AllSky Domes
See also our detailed Catalog for Baader Standard Domes (AllSky or Classic Slit-Dome) and Turn-Key Observatory Solutions

Turn-Key Observatory Solutions  – from one source  

With 50+ years of experience, Baader Planetarium provides turn-key observatory solutions that include services from conceptualization up to installation and training. Depending on your application and mission parameters, we can also guide you through the process, including selection of the optimal equipment and software that is controlled by our Observatory Management System (OMS).


  • Turn-key observatories utilizing Classic Slit or AllSky domes that range from 2.1 - 8.5 m
  • Various electronic equipment configurations, that allow you to setup a classic observatory or one with remote access that can be fully autonomous
  • Tailored to your requirements, suitable for amateur astronomers as well as for schools, universities, research institutes and commercial customers.

All Baader Dome models include

Installation Performed by Baader personnel at the customer site
Warranty 2 years warranty for all electronic and electric components
10 years warranty for outer dome skin and dome mechanics
We warrant for 200km/h wind speed to achieve undeteriorated performance and protection of the dome interior, with the dome being closed and in parking position
Fail-safe Features Hand crank system (Slit Domes) OR Power drill with system interfaces (AllSky) to close dome in case of power failure 
Ready for Emergency Weather Station

Turn-Key Services

Observatory Management System (OMS)

The OMS is your entry into remote operation: it is designed to function as your entire control center of all components in the observatory. It is therefore equipped only with high-grade and long-lived components. The OMS is delivered completely preconfigured and tested with your actual hardware by our astro-experienced IT-personnel, so you can start to do your remote observations from day one.


  • Stainless steel switch cabinet housing (A) with controlled ventilation.
    • Features:
      • Windows operated industrial computer with two LAN ports: one for access to customer network and one which hosts the entire observatory intranet.
      • Preconfigured with all ordered and additionally necessary software packages to run your entire observatory.
      • Separate power supplies for mount and 12V equipment
      • Industrial network switch
      • Network-based power switch to enable remote controlled reset of core components
      • Secondary lightning protection of the network and power system
    • External Interfaces:
      • Ethernet
      • USB 2.0 Type-A ports
      • 230 V EU Type-F plug (or other types depending on country and intake)
      • On / Off switch
    • Internal Interface for integration:
      • Customer Ethernet
      • 110 - 240 V AC supply voltage
  • Baader OMS-Hub (B) that is mounted on the remote telescope for the equipment and sensors
    • Interfaces:
      • 4x 12V/5A Outputs, 1x 12V CCD High Power Output
      • 4x USB 3.0 Type-A ports

Types of Observatories

Classic Observatory

Suitable for on-site operation using manual control interfaces for the selected telescope configuration. The slit dome’s azimuth movement is the only sub-system that is motor driven via the hand controller.

Remote / Robotic Observatory

These types of observatories can be utilized for multiple applications. All dome functions can be performed remotely and shall always have the capability of being operated by the hand controller, a computer interface, or the OMS.

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