Baader AllSky Domes – 2.3 to 6.5 Meter

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Baader AllSky Domes – 2.3 to 6.5 Meter
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  • AllSky Dome: Allows to view the whole sky at 180° maximum opening
  • Resists windspeeds of up to 250 km/h
  • Suitable for rough environments and autonomous / robotic functionality
  • 10 years warranty if handled correctly
  • Available in sizes: 2,3 / 3,5 / 4,5 and 6,5 Meter
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AllSky Domes
See also our detailed Catalog for Baader Standard Domes (AllSky or Classic Slit-Dome) and Turn-Key Observatory Solutions

Baader AllSky Domes 180° full sky view

These domes provide a 180° full sky view with maximum interior space that can be controlled remotely, including automated operation capabilities. Each segment can move independently for optimized wind and light protection. AllSky domes come with a permanently accessible entrance door and an auto-close feature dependent on the feedback provided by the emergency weather station.

Baader AllSky domes are available in sizes: 2.3m, 3.5m, 4.5m and 6.5m  


  • Astronomy / Astrophotography
  • Space Situational Awareness (SSA) / Space Domain Awareness (SDA)
  • Free-Space Optical Communication (FSOC)
  • Athmospheric and other detectors
  • Defense

All Baader AllSky dome models include

Installation Performed by Baader personnel at the customer site
Warranty 2 years warranty for all electronic and electric components
10 years warranty for outer dome skin and dome mechanics
We warrant for 200km/h wind speed to achieve undeteriorated performance and protection of the dome interior, with the dome being closed
Fail-safe Features Power drill with system interfaces to close dome in case of power failure
Emergency Weather Station (mandatory)



A protrusion opposite to the entrance door built to hold the dome electronics and control equipment with a standard rack mount cabinet.


Whether the dome is fully open or closed: users can always enter and leave the dome, especially in emergency situations.


All dome electrical functions are controlled by the internal dome microprocessor via a hand controller. All dome functions may also be controlled remotely via API, ASCOM or INDIGO.


The inner surface of the dome is coated with a non-reflective paint to mitigate stray light from affecting data collection and avoid hotspots to form during daytime operation.


All domes are hermetically sealed in order to prevent snow, dust, and/or storm winds from entering. This also enables the end-user to easily control the environmental conditions within.


A component that is hardwired to the control sub-system which commands the dome to close in case of precipitation or high wind speeds.

Optional Upgrades

Professional Weather Station

If additional environmental situational awareness is desired for the observatory, a weather station that includes multiple sensors multiple sensors for weather data monitoring and logging.

Advanced Performance Upgrades

Structural upgrades and additional equipment can be added for the dome and equipment to survive environmental conditions with temperatures down to -80o C, wind loads of =250km/h, high sea state levels, and sites that are prone to lightning strikes.

For customers that desire mechanical through-holes with flanges and holders for electronic equipment.
Another fail-safe feature that is incorporated and only utilized for the dome to ensure self-closure in case there is a power failure.
Downward-radiating wall lights can be provided in red and white light which can be separately controllable and dimmable.
An indoor and outdoor camera can be supplied to provide awareness of the status of your observatory.
Depending on your site’s age and location, an air dehumidifier is recommended to control moisture levels and create overpressure inside the dome.

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