Dimensions of Photoshop by Adam Block

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Dimensions of Photoshop by Adam Block

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  • this video is part of the larger "Cosmic Canvas" series
  • several of Adam Block's signature techniques including shadow/highlights for LRGB, the screen technique for blending H-alpha data, and the multiply contrast enhancement all make an appearance.

  • contains more than 13 hours of material for beginners and professional astrophotographers
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Here FINALLY is the latest instructional video on Photoshop by Adam Block. This video, part of the larger "Cosmic Canvas" series, completely replaces all previous versions and brings everything up-to-date with new techniques and better explanations for processing astrophotographs. With over 13 hours of material, both beginners and seasoned astrophotographers will benefit from the information.

Several of Adam's signature techniques including

  • Shadow/Highlights for LRGB,
  • the Screen technique for blending H-alpha data,
  • and the Multiply contrast enhancement all make an appearance.

In addition topics such as alpha channels and batch processing make an appearance for the first time. This tutorial is rounded out with two example processing sections (Techniques, sections 10 &11) which include the base data for you to follow along with. See the table of contents below for a complete list of topics.

About the Product: Tutorial comes on an 8Gb USB flash drive. Videos are MP4 files and play in your browser or your default video player. Thus with this video format- almost all devices (operating systems) will play the files.


The Tour of Photoshop The Ralm of Pixels Mostly Masks Techniques Value Added
 Section 1
-Differences between Images and Layers
 Section 1
-Pixel Values and Bit Space
-Understanding the Screen Stretch
-Understanding Histograms
 Section 1:
- The Best Demo
I have come up with
To Date!
 Section 1: Shadow Highlights
-Adam's Method for Blending L+RGB
 Section 1: Field of VIew Indicators
-Uses Aladin Sky Atlas (on-line resource)
 Section 2
-Setup of Desktop
-An Introduction to Tools (Move Tool)
-A few common Mistakes
 Section 2:
-Opening Images in Photoshop
-Unstretched and Permanently Stretched (scaled) Data
-Adjustment Layers (non-destructive/permanent)
 Section 2: Object Masks

-Noise Reduction
- Modifying Output Levels of a Mask
 Section 2: Double Color
-A Helpful Color Blending Technique
 Section 2: The Storied Sky
-Artistic Commentary
 Section 3
 Section 3:Straight to the Point with Curves
-Non-Linear Adjustments with Rigor
-Curves->Levels Relationship
 Section 3:Object Masks
-Deconvolution (CCDStack)
-Creating two versions of the Luminance data
-Blending In Photoshop
 Section 3: Scattered Light
-The Scariest Section of this Tutorial
Section 3: Batch Processing
-Working with Timelapse Images 
 Section 4
-Crop Tool
-Counting Stars using Selections
 Section 4: A/B Comparison
-Introduction to Layers
-Blending Modes (Lighten)
-A Puzzle
 Section 4: PUZZLE
-Use Mask Operations to Solve a puzzle.
 Section 4: Scattered Light

-Minimizing Distracting Glows and Scattered light
 "That's Sick! Is it Real?"
-Adam's talk on image processing at the University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography.
-Question and Answers
 Section 5
-The Brush Tool
 Section 5: Preparing A Luminance Image
-Processing in CCDStack
-Permanent Stretch Procedure to Optimize Color
(in Photoshop)
 Section 5: Alpha Channels
-Masks = Selections
-Channels Store Masks
 Section 5: Removing the Amp Glow
-Iterative Adjustments Using a Feathered Selection
 Section 6
-Clone Stamp Tool
-Healing Brush Tool
 Section 6: H-alpha Blending,
-Create RGB Images using Channels,-Use of Screen, Output Levels and Opacity
 Section 6: Minimum Filter
-Using a Star Mask
-Creating a Star-Edge Mask
 Section 6: LAB Color Space
-Enhancing Color Saturation
 Section 7
-Eraser, Gradient and Paint Tools
 Section 7: Unsharp Mask Filter  Section 7: Mask Construction
-Star Mask
-Object Mask
-Threshold Mask
 Section 7: High Pass Filter,-Splitting the High Pass Filter Effect  
 Section 8
-Smudge Tool (Minor Star Halo Fix)
-Saturation Tool (Sponge)
-Dodge and Burn Tools
 Section 8: Blending Modes (Part 1)
-Mathematical Descriptions
-Darken, Lighten
   Section 8:"Multiply" contrast Enhancement
-Uses Image Equalization
 Section 9
-Paths and the Pen Tool
-Shapes and Vector Graphics
 Section 9: Blending Modes (Part 2)
-Linear Burn
-Pin Light
   Section 9: Liquify
-Star De-emphasis
 Section 10
-Tour of the Menus
 Section 10: Blending Modes (Part 3)
-Luminosity (Color) Blending Mode
   Section 10: Processing Arp 112 (NGC 7806)
-Includes HDR Toning
 Section 11
-Introduction to Layers Pallet
     Section 11: Processing Sharpless 88
-Includes H-alpha Blending
 Section 12:
-Introduction to Adjustment Layers

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