Diamond Steeldrive motor drive for Diamond Steeltrack® focusers

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Diamond Steeldrive motor drive for Diamond Steeltrack® focusers

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€ 335.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 281.51

COMING SOON: Steeldrive II moto focuser with Controller

After having presented the prototype of the Steeldrive II motor focuser with controller at the AME Show in Germany last September, the first production run is almost completely assembled.

More details about Steeldrive II

Important note: This version will no longer be produced. Successor Version Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller with completely new software available as of April 2019.

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€ 335.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 281.51

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Hello guys. I have a question about my Baader SteelDrive and SteelTrack NT. When I extend the focuser to its maximum position using the software, instead of coming out 40.020mm it only comes out around 35mm. Does that mean the step size is wrong and I need to make some measurements and change the step size?
Question by: Emil Andronic on Dec 31, 2018 4:26:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)
What is the part number for the diamond steeldrive motor drive Inc. the hand controller as it doesn't seem to be shown on your website.
Question by: steve spragge on Oct 28, 2016 4:37:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)


Steeldrive Connections
Steeldrive Example
Example: Diamond Steeldrive on BDS-SC (not included)

Baader Diamond Steeldrive suitable for Diamond Steeltrack® focusers

Temperature compensating Motor Drive for all Baader Diamond Steeltrack® (BDS) Focuser with standalone focus control via PC/USB with ASCOM-driver (supplied) or with separate Handcontroller

Standard Outfit (included items):

  • Stepper motor with drive electronics in aluminium-case
  • Timing belt, fitting Diamond SteelTrack® finetuning knob
  • Thermo probe with 1 m cable
  • USB cable (2 m) for PC control, optional powered trough USB
  • ASCOM-driver & SteelGo II-software


  • Very easy adaption onto all Baader Diamond SteelTrack® focusers (without focuser disassembly)
  • Manual focuser functions remain fully accessible
  • Thermoprobe reading 0,01°, with 0,1°C displayed
  • Focusing resolution 2.3 micron with absolute positioning
  • High torque / low power consumption. Lifts 3 kg load with 3 AA cells or with USB power
  • Software-support also for other focussers (The Steeldrive with "The Sky X" should now be able to be used without problems. For the platforms Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, Raspberry PI, we provide you the driver or rahter the plugins. You can find it under Downloads.)
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