Celestron PowerTank LiFePO4 12V DC/ USB 5V/ 84,4Wh

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Celestron PowerTank LiFePO4 12V DC/ USB 5V/ 84,4Wh

# 821041

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  • Advantages of LiFePO4: Up to 2000 charge cycles (four times more than lithium-ion & seven times more than sealed lead-acid designs), explosion proof (allowed on airplanes), no memory effect
  • LED-panel with red and white LEDs – makes setup und repacking your equipment during the night easier, with red-light as preset for your dark adaptation.
  • rubber covered housing, protects against rough handling or moisture. Only in Germany: Protective Disconnect Elbowed Plug for more protection against damage, in case of someone tripping over the cable.
  • provides 12V/3A – lasts six hours or longer of typical use of a mount
  • two 5V USB-ports (1,5A and 2,5A) e.g. for charging a smartphone or tablet.
  • small and light-weight: 19 cm x 7,6 cm, ~1kg
  • Scope of delivery: Powertank, battery charger, cable for Celestron telescopes, mounting belt for tripod legs, carrying strap, Protective Disconnect Elbowed Plug

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The truly mobile power supply

Enough power for an observing session – with 12V/3A

Amateur astronomers know the problem: Dark skies can only be found far away from cities and power supplies. Usually, there is no other power supply than your car, and if its battery is dead, all you can do is call the roadside assistance. Typical lead-acid-batteries as they your used e.g. for car batteries are large, heavy, and will be destroyed if the are emptied completely – e.g. if you don't charge them for some months. Lithium-ion-batteries could be an alternative, if they weren't shock-sensitive or damageable by moisture – not to mention the tendency for self-ignition. They are also known for a low number of charge cycles and a memory effect, which harms there use after some time. Finally, modern technology has found a solution for all ambitious amateur astonomers and astro-photographers:

Celestron PowerTank LiFePO4 with LiFePO4-Technology!

This portable power pack for your computerized Celestron telescope uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry: It is smaller, lighter, safer, and easier to maintain than lithium-ion and sealed lead acid designs. It lasts up to 2000 charge cycles – four times more than lithium-ion & seven times more than sealed lead-acid designs. Its un-recharged shelf life of up to 10 years is three times better than lithium-ion and ten times better than sealed lead-acid designs.

Also, the PowerTank Lithium it is evironmentally friendly, because it does not use toxic heavy metals. It is also more sturdy than lithium-ion cells, and with a capacity of 84,4W, it is not categorized as a dangerous good – you can take it on an airplane. The rubber-covered housing and the IP65-certification (dust tight and safe against water jets) make it the perfect outdoor power supply for all those nights when cheaper models will fail.

Power, when you need it!

The PowerTank LiFePO4 was designed to meet the demands of amateur astronomers:

  • Power outlet for telescopes with up to 3A – enough for larger mounts which need more power. The 2m long cable is compatible with all computerized Celestron-mounts as well as with all other mounts which require 12V, up to 3A, and use a 2,1 x 5,5 mm power plug, tip positive – like e.g. the EQ-5 and EQ-5 AZ.
  • Please note that the PowerTank will not work with mounts which can drain more than 3A during voltage peaks, like e.g. the Sky-Watcher EQ-6 AZ and EQ-6 R. When a mount demands more than 3A, the electronics of PowerTank will interrupt the power to avoid damage.
  • For those mounts which need a higher voltage of 24V, you can combine two PowerTanks with the Baader Planetarium Dual-Mode-Cable-Set – e.g. for professional mounts like a 10Micron GM 1000. The cable is custom-made and only available directly through Baader Planetarium.
  • The PowerTank does not only provide the special power outlet for telescopes, but also two USB-ports with 1 and 2,1 Ampere for charging smartphones, tablets and other accessories, or even small travel-mounts like Polarie or Star Adventurer.
  • The LED-panel replaces a flashlight. When you activate it, it shines red to preserve your dark adaptation. If you press and hold the button for some seconds, it switches to white light – so you won't be blinded by the light. There are two levels of brightness for each red and white light.
  • The PowerTank can either be hung up with its carrying strap, or you attach it directly onto the legs of your tripod.
  • The battery charger is equipped with four different plugs for worldwide use. It can be powered with 100-240V AC.

Exclusivle in Germany: Protective-Disconnect Power Plug for protecting your telescope

By mechanical stress – e.g. by someone tipping over the cable – a simple plug can apply strong forces onto the power socket of your mount. In the worst case, it can even be torn out of its anchoring and damage the mount's mainboard, which causes expensive repairs. The risk would even be increased by fixed screw connections.

Only those Celestron PowerTanks which are made for the German market come equipped with a Protective Disconnect Elbowed Plug, which decreases the risk of damages if someone tips over the cable.

Another specialty of the German version are warning stickers for the PowerTank's charger, so that you will not connect it accidentally directly to your mount, as this would damage the mount's electronics.

Useful accessories for the PowerTank (not included with the PowerTank):

  • The 2m extension for 12V cables with 5.5 / 2.1 plug #2457631 helps you to bridge longer distances, if necessary.
  • The Y-Cable for two 12 V instruments on one power supply #2457632 allows you to power two instruments with one PowerTank – just make sure that they don't need more power than the battery can supply.
  • The Baader Planetarium Dual-Mode cable #2457635 set allows you use two PowerTanks to power those mounts which need 24V.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Celestron
SKU (#) 821041
EAN Code 4047825036124
Weight (kg) 1 kg
Power Input (V) 16DC @ 2000mA
Power Output (V) 12VDC @ 3000mA, Tip positiv
Power consumption 86Wh Kapazität: für ca. 6 Stunden Betrieb mit Montierung, Ladezeit (von 0): ca. 3 Stunden
Cable length 2,5 m, passend für Celestron-Teleskope, Skywatcher, Meade und viele andere Montierungen
Port A 5VDC @ 1000mA
Port B 5VDC @ 2100mA
Special Features Staub-/Wasserschutz: IP65, 5V USB-Buchsen (1,5A und 2,5A) z.B. zum Laden von Smartphone und Tablet, Beleuchtung: Rot oder weiß, mit zwei Helligkeitsstufen, Akku: Lithium-Eisen-Phosphat-Akku (LiFePO4)
Included Accessories Netzadapter, Ladegerät und zwei Befestigungsriemen, exklusiv bei Geräten für den deutschen Markt auch ein Protective-Disconnect Winkelstecker.

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