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  • Celestron and 10Micron at CEDIC Conference in Austria

    From 10. - 12. of March 2017, the annual CEDIC '17 (Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference) takes place in Linz, Austria in the "Ars Electronice Center". Christoph Kaltseis and the CEDIC Team have ceated a highly interesting program of different lectures and workshops. Amongst other Professional Astronomers such as Yuri Beletsky (Chile) and Adam Block (USA) will be there, as well as Jerry Bonnell (NASA, APOD), Baader Planetarium represents the brand 10 Micron with a presentation on Saturday Marcht 11th, from 11:45...
  • New accessories for H-alpha solar observation / imaging

    Our sun is a fascinating target even when the solar activity is low - given that the telescope aperture can be increased sufficiently. When equipped with a heated SolarSpectrum H-alpha filter, telescopes from 80mm aperture to 280 mm aperture will show incredibly faint, rapidly changing structures. A SolarSpectrum filter with matching D-ERF-filter and telecentric beam accessories will turn almost every telescope into a highest resolution H-α-telescope. These heated H-alpha filters are manufactured for observatories and...
  • Observation: Minor planet Clausbaader (5658)

    From Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Paech – Onjala- and Chamäleon Observatory, Namibia For this year's longer stay in Namibia we planned to photograph the minor planet (5658) Clausbaader. It had a high altitude in the evening sky, close to Saturn. The series is intended as a small tribute to Mr. Claus Baader, the founder of Baader Planetarium in Mammendorf, who was one of the leading personalities in the field of amateur astronomy and public education in the...
  • New Baader Website – after 20 years

    Dear Customers It took a little while... but now we also have a modern Online-Shop NEW: integrated knowledge-database We have tried hard to create more than a "standard" online-shop. The wealth of information that grew over the years on our old website (detailed product application examples, customer review and practical results on Baader products) was integraded to this website in form of product description or additional product information (Wordpress Posts). A wealth of information awaits you. NEW: detailed technical...

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