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  • ISS Solar Transit with AstroSolar Photo Film

    AstroSolar® Photo Film OD 3.8 On April 14th, Philipp Salzgeber was able to catch the ISS while passing in front of the sun. For this, he used a filter made from AstroSolar® Photo Film OD 3.8 (#2459278) He kindly gave us the permission to repost his blog post from As the ISS orbits our planet, from time to time it passes in front of the sun for a given location. and allow you to predict such transits for your location. A combination of all frames that captured the ISS. On Saturday, April 14th 2018, such a transit happened, and I was able to capture it: (Of course the sound is artificial!) I used a 127mm refractor with a 2x teleconverter, shooting FullHD Video in DX crop mode on a Nikon D750.[br] Here are some images taken from the video, and a combination of all frames that captured...
  • NEW: M-Uno Dual Single Fork Equatorial Mount from Avalon Instruments

    AVALON M-Uno Dual Coming with the same RA mechanics and Fast Reverse, Belt driven System, is an upgraded version of the well known M-Uno mount. The innovation on the M-Uno Dual mount is the new fully rotating Declination axis, which allows the use a second clamp (optional) to hold a second smaller OTA or X-Guider (optional). Either a standard or adjustable version of the GP & Losm. 3” clamps can be easily attached to the declination axis. Both the adjustable clamps are provided with inox screws to align a second scope (of smaller size compared to the main one used) in order to have both perfectly aligned to the same object or field of view. As an alternative, also the X-Guider accessory can be attached directly to the declination axis end as it provides a fine alignment of the guide scope itself. The use of a second scope on the...
  • Alt 7 Mount with AVALON StarGo Retrofit GoTo System

    Mr. Dal Sasso from Avalon Instruments and Mr. Quarra from Unitron The mounts by ALT are solid "workhorses", some of them are in use on observatories for decades. To modernise them - and to see if it is possible - we asked AVALON Instruments to adapt their up-to-date StarGo control to an ALT-7. The first results are promising. The Avalon control system is now working fine with the ALT mechanics, and the telescope can move much faster than before. But it wasn't easy: The stepper motors had to be replaced, the housing had to be modified and a gear box had to be designed to transmit the necessary force. So far and in the lab, everything works fine. We still have to make the final tests under the stars! We will let you know when there are news. Full video showing a 180 ° slewing of the mount with the...
  • New products March 2018

    Zeiss-Diascop-/Mark IV Zoom Adapter M45x0.5 threaded adapter ring for shortest possible adaptation of Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV onto Zeiss-Diascope Spotting scopes FL 85 and FL 65 Clamps onto the Mark IV-Zoom with the Zoom clamping collar, threads onto the Spotter w. the Zeiss-style M45x0.5 thread enables maximum gain in Backfokus when focusing on infinity - important for eye-glass wearers mounts and unmounts fast and easy [br] Baader double-balancing plate-set accepts two OTAs w. "Vixen"(Celestron/SkyWatcher asf.)-style dovetail to be precision aligned in parallel, mounted onto one balancing 3" dovetail plate. overall dovetail plate length 300mm /plate width 100 mm As an alternative to using the 3" dovetail, this plate may also be center-mounted with four screws onto 10Micron (GM2000) and many Astro Physics asf. Dec-heads - that use the standard distance 3.2" hole pattern. A 3/8" photo- thread is sitting straight in the middle of the plate, to allow the plate...
  • Information on backorders/release of 17.5 mm Morpheus® 76° widefield eyepiece

    UPDATE 02.03.2018: We have received a detailed Morpheus 17.5mm Test review from William Paolini. Further reviews, information on the author asf. can be found on the 17.5mm Morpheus prodcut page/a> UPDATE 15.02.2018: From today until May 15th, 2018 we feature our Morpheus® Family Promo with reduced prices for all eyepieces of the series. UPDATE January 30th, 2018: 17,5mm Morpheus® 76° eyepieces are now available for sale on our website and will be soon available at all of our dealers. UPDATE January 24th, 2018: We confirm that we have completed the production of the 17.5mm Morpheus 76 ° eyepieces and will start delivering all pre-orders to dealers in the next few days. On our website, we will also put the eyepiece in stock soon. We thank you for your trust and patience. For the Morpheus® 17.5 mm we have gone a very long way to end up with a perfect product....
  • Baader-UFC (Universal Filter Changer) – the ever-growing filter chamber

    UFC 2" Filter slider (#2459112) with mounted Filter - showing both sides UFC D50.4mm Filter slider (#2459113) with mounted Filter - showing both sides Application Image: UFC 50x50 Filter slider (#2459114) with mounted Filter - showing both sides >> View all UFC-Products << The Baader-UFC is the priceworthy answer to an ever growing problem. New camera-models come to market in ever increasing speed. Spacers between telescope and camera don´t support the correct distance or are subjected to torsion due to their flimsy design and heavy cameras. And the owner may want to change the telescope - or use several OTAs, but does not want to purchase new filters and filter sliders all the time. The Baader-UFC is a (seemingly) simple answer to a complex problem. It is made in the typical Baader-way, trying to connect each and everything in the most elegant and flexure-free manner. The filter chamber (UFC-Base) is...
  • Testreport ATT 1/2018 Baader-UFC - the Swiss Army Knife of filter technology

    The current issue of Astronomy Technology Today introduces the UFC System -  the tester was impressed: What do you get if you cross an Erector Set with some giant metal washers, a plethora of variously-sized openings, a filter tray that slots in like a clip in a Glock, and, well, all sorts of other stuff? The Baader Universal Filter Changer, or UFC for short. And when Baader says “universal,” they mean it. Read the Testreport ATT 1/2018 Baader-UFC . Mark Zaslove shows all wonderful things you can do with the Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer).  
  • New ASCOM SteelDrive Driver

    Good news for your SteelDrive focuser: There is a completely new ASCOM-driver! The new version is ready for download on our website. Download ASCOM Steeldrive Driver Magnus Nyborg has created a completely new SteelDrive ASCOM driver. A key feature for professional observatories is the support for more than one focuser, which is possible with the new driver. Users of mobile setups will love the improved handling of COM-ports. Many thanks to Magnus Nyborg for the great work! Your Baader Diamond SteelTrack doesn't have a motorfocuser yet? We are developing a new SteelDrive motorfocuser with a brand-new software. We will let you know as soon as it is available.    
  • M45 - the Plejades taken with Baader APO and GM 1000 HPS

    The following image of the Pleiades (M45), which our customer Christoph Kaltseis has achieved with the Baader APO Travel Companion and the 10 Micron GM1000HPS on La Palma (Athos Campus), is a special treat regarding image detail and star rendition. Partically interesting is the Nikon D810A camera with a 36x24mm sensor and 4.87my pixels. Its sensational resolution will show any aberations in the optical system straight to the edges mercilessly. Most CCD cameras either have smaller sensors or much larger pixels, which helps to camouflage optical deficiencies. Not to speak of bad seeing... Image editing / sharpening was done with the APF-R Method. Due to the good optical quality of Baader APO,  airy discs with 5 micron diameter where archieved – not to mention the excellent tracking of the GM 1000 HPS mount and the brilliant location (observation site).
  • New Products December 2017

    The year 2017 is coming to an end, and we hereby inform you about the latest News. Baader Double Mounting Plate and Holder for Guidescope Rings I & II, 300 mm length, incl. 3" Dovetail 10/17 – Revised Version: with significantly more mounting options than the predecessor plate, which could only hold our guidescope rings Mounting plate for Baader guidescope rings size I & II, length 300mm, hole diameters 3.2" (10Micron / Astro Physics), 3/8" photo thread or 3" Losmandy dovetail clamp Double mounting plate, predrilled for Baader clamps: V-clamp #2451530; PanEQ #2451566 and #2451525 as well as Stronghold Tangent Assembly #2450310 Predrilled to fit 10Micron and Astro Physics mounts. Also fits on AP plates #140 1128 (13") as well as #140 1129 (16") to mount Baader guidescope rings parallel to the main OTA and use two telescopes side by side Delivery WITHOUT guide scope rings or other accessories  ...

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