Canon Astro Upgrade for all Canon APS-C DSLR-Cameras

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Canon Astro Upgrade for all Canon APS-C DSLR-Cameras

Price: please inquire


Thank you for your loyalty!

After almost two decades, we have decided to discontinue our Canon astro upgrade service, as the demand for modified cameras has decreased significantly over the last years.

Your new contact:

If you are interested in an astro upgrade of your Canon camera, we are pleased to announce that Baader Planetarium and the company Rüdiger Maerz GmbH are taking their long lasting partnership to a new level. In order to create an optimal added value for our customers, we have decided that the company März will offer and take over the conversion service directly. For this purpose, the company Rüdiger Maerz obtains our unique filters from the ACF and BCF series and organizes the handling of the astro-conversion directly with you.

Therefore, if you are interested in an astro conversion of your Canon camera, we can highly recommend the company Rüdiger Maerz:

We would like to thank all customers who have used our astro-conversion service over the years and wish you many more years of enjoyment with your modified camera. Warranty cases for current conversions, which are still within the legal warranty period, will of course still be accepted.

Service: Astro Upgrade Conversion for Canon APS-C DSLR-Cameras (all latest Models)   +€ 242.86 (+€ 289.00 Incl. Tax)
BCF 1 - DSLR Astro Conversion Filter for Canon APS-C Cameras (all latest Models)   +€ 65.55 (+€ 78.00 Incl. Tax)

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Price as configured: Incl. Tax: € 0.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 0.00

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What is the difference between ACF and BCF?
Question by: Duarte on Sep 1, 2016 11:51:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

Rating of Question

do you convert EOS 500D? ACF or BCF? any expected time for conversion?
Question by: Vladimir on Apr 2, 2021 1:10:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Does Baader offer modification service to convert the Canon DSLRs to a "full-spectrum" DSLR, i.e. providing a camera without any filters to restrict the pass-band of radiation to the camera sensor?
Question by: Jack on Feb 2, 2017 9:35:00 AM | 1 Answer(s)

Rating of Question

Would it be possible to replace the IR filter of a Canon EOS M50 Mark II? (it's a mirrorless or EVIL).
Question by: FERRAN BOLAO BARO on Jul 26, 2022 5:23:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Do you have ACF/BCF filter for the new CANON EOS 250D?
Question by: Almos BALASI on May 28, 2019 4:20:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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Is this a full Spectrum or h alpha conversion?
Question by: Benjamin on Oct 31, 2018 5:12:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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I am thinking of removing the IR filter of my Canon EOS 6D. I have heard that when you modify a camera for astrofotography it is possible to keep the IR blocker, and remove just the H-alpha absorbing filter alone. Is this true? Is this the best thing to do?

In any case, in order to decide whether I do it or not, I would like to know the following:

a) What is the price of the operation?
b) What do I lose (auto-focus, white balance, focus to infinity with some lenses...)?
c) What do I gain? Do you have an example before/after?
d) Does the operation has any warranty?
e) How much time does it take to do it?

Thank you!
Question by: Angel R. on Sep 1, 2016 12:33:00 PM | 1 Answer(s)

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We will leave the following product description online for a while for reference purposes, but we do not guarantee its correctness or completeness.

Baader Astroupgrade Service for Canon DSLR Cameras

Astroupgrade Service for DSLR's from Canon (please choose model)

Vergleich Baader BCF
Test Images taken with direct comparison between a BCF filter modified and an unmodified Canon EOS 40D Baader Astroupgrade Service for Canon DSLR Cameras

Please understand, that we can offer Camera modifications only in Germany and all EU countries. If your country is not available during checkout, please send us an email.

Important note:
We confirm the CANON product-warranty to remain valid within the original EU-warranty period (two years after original purchase). However - any CANON camera body becoming defect after having been astro-upgraded at our facillity must be handed in for original Canon-service only by our company.

1. Prices

The Prices listed above are online for the installation costs (Provided that the installation is not hampered by more serious difficulties than the usual ones, and provided that the cameras filter fixture is not bent, broken or otherwise damaged as a result of previous installation attempts). Please add the needed ACF/BCF Filter upon checkout to your cart.

Forwarding expenses: shipment and insurance within Germany € 15.00; UPS shipment plus full insurance against damage, loss & theft to other destinations within the EU € 35.00; shipment to non-EU destinations is NOT possible(see item 2 below).

2. Procedure

  • Please state your camera type during checkout and add all required items.
  • You will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt, which also indicates when you can expect us to start working on your camera. Your order is added to our waiting list which is processed according to incoming date.
  • As soon as it is your camera's turn, you will receive a prepayment notification – if you haven't already payed by Paypal / –, including the request to send in your camera at your own cost. Do not send your camera before you have received our prepayment request! We trust that you understand our prepayment policy and would like you to know that even longstanding Baader clients are expected to pay in advance so that processing according to incoming date remains consistent. As soon as we have received your payment and the camera, we start the replacement work.
  • After about 2-3 weeks the replacement is done and your camera is returned to you, fully insured, by UPS.
  • We can not handle shipments from countries outside of the European Union. Cameras need to be shipped from inside the European Union.

3. Inspection

upon receipt of camera We reserve the right to reject a modification order if on first inspection it transpires that the camera has been opened before and/or treated inexpertly or that the camera is damaged on the outside or inside (e.g. the filter.s fixture is bent) or if there is malfunctioning due to damaged hardware or software.

If you want to send us an older camera that has already been opened by other service providers we recommend that you let us know BEFOREHAND so that we can discuss possible extra costs which may arise from an increased amount of work involved. We do not repair defect cameras or change their software. The charge for the inspection upon receipt is . 25.00. If the modification can be done this amount is seen as part of the Astro-Upgrade w. Baader- Filter cost listed above. If the replacement cannot be done because of any of the reasons above, the camera will be returned to you in exactly the same condition as we received it. Your prepayment request will be for a total of . 50.00 for the initial inspection as well as return shipping and insurance.

Please take note that we are not liable in any way for any defects or malfunctioning that you might identify after a camera which we did not accept for modification has been returned to you. Those are the defects which we noted during the inspection and they are the very reason why we declined modification of the camera. Please do not send us a camera for modification if you are aware of technical problems or faulty software. You can save yourself and us a lot of trouble and correspondence.

Of course you are always welcome to buy the ACF filter and have the modification done by another service provider. If, on the other hand, you have bought the ACF filter elsewhere and would like us to do the conversion, we will charge an additional € 30.00 to the appropriate conversion charge listed above.

4. Sending in your camera

Please ONLY send the camera-body without any accessories!

5. Manufacturer warranty

We confirm the CANON product-warranty to remain valid within the original EU-warranty period (two years after original purchase). However - any CANON camera body becoming defect after having been astro-upgraded at our facillity must be handed in for original Canon-service only by our company.

6. Daylight photography

Astrophotography has top priority in the design of our new ACF filters. We did, however, take the needs of daylight photography into consideration as far as possible. With a modified camera the reproduction of colour (white balance) is adaptable to very high levels in daylight photography, but not each and every theoretically existing shade of colour can be reproduced. In everyday photography this does not matter, and only in rare cases could it happen that shades differ slightly. Colour moiré structures are not entirely suppressed as the softening AA filter was removed. This is preferable for astrophotography because the AA filter causes a slight loss of depth. Without colour moiré suppression linear structures like a chequered shirt may show traces of colour borders in daylight photography.

7. Time needed for conversion

The time for modification depends on the number of earlier orders and currently is about three to six weeks. Orders are strictly processed according to incoming date. Please do not send your camera before you have received our prepayment request.

8. Our guarantee

We guarantee a flawless, proper and professional modification of your camera into an ACF camera . as long as a fully functional CANON EOS was delivered to us, without hidden software defects or internal mechanical damage. We cannot vouch for the complete absence of dust inside the camera or on the chip. Our optical workshop cleans the chip and filter while exposed to ionized air flows in order to avoid static charging. Remaining dust grains may be removed from the image with the usual technique of flatfielding. Our company has been in existence for more than forty years now. You can rest assured that we do our work conscientiously and to the very best of our knowledge so that a flawless ACF Astro DSLR camera will be returned to you in exchange for the flawless camera you sent in.

Legal notice:

Der Markenname CANON und Canon-EOS ist Eigentum der Fa. Canon. Der o.g. Text und alle Formulierungen sind unser geistiges Eigentum und unterliegen dem Copyright. Wir behalten uns alle Rechte vor. Einer Verwendung dieses Textes durch andere Anbieter oder Dienstleister stimmen wir ausdrücklich nicht zu und behalten uns ggf. gerichtliche Schritte vor.


Example of a Canon EOS which was opened improperly. The checkup on receipt already showed that the camera had been tampered with. In addition hacked software had been installed. Please let us know IN ADVANCE what is wrong with your camera - it saves both of us money, time and nerves...

klaffende Rückwand 1
klaffende Rückwand 2
Schraubenabdeckung Rückwand

PLEASE NOTE - expenses WITHOUT alteration:

NO camera that has been opened before will be accepted for filter alterations if this information is withheld when the camera is sent in. We see such conduct as an attempted cover-up.

Cameras with firmware hack will NOT be accepted for exchanging filters! The camera must be handed in with its original CANON firmware.

When the filter is installed the camera's power supply has to be disconnected. As a result the hacked software no longer functions properly and important menu settings are blocked.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but accepting cameras that have been tampered with for alterations would mean that support by Canon and repairs at the firm's expense - which we have always been able to obtain - would come to an end.

Once again, BEFORE the start of alterations and BEFORE sending in your camera, we urgently ask you for a chance to talk to you about possible manipulations which others might previously have carried out on the camera.


For showing how difficile such a filterexchange is and for understanding why we emphasized the modification details here some images what we have found already and what caused a refuse to modify.

acf arbeitsplatz
Image 1 shows our work station for DSLR modifications.
acf kritische_verbindungung
Image 2 shows critical flex wire connections which leads easily to broken lockers like in image 3.
acf kontaktverriegelung
Image 3 shows a irreversible broken locker.
acf dicht am kabel löten
Image 4 shows critical solder points, wrong solder temperature leads easily to melting of the plastic grid
acf blech schief
Image 5 shows fingerprints and a wrongly soldered shield plate.
afc lötzinnklumpen
Image 6 shows a solder chunk on top of a shield plate. It could loosen every time giving shortcuts inside the electronic boards.
geknicktes Flachbandkabel
Image 7 shows a bended flex wire.
hellgraues Silikon erzeugt Streulicht
Image 8 shows a silicon spattled filter. Instead of black silicon a grey one was used, producing stray light.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) baadercanonupgrade

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Boris 01/01/2017 02/01/201708:40
  • Rating:
Expensive but worth it
I don't have the time, dark skies or observing site to warrant using more than a dslr for astro imaging and its substantial cost. The alternative was getting the chip on Canon 750d modified and by a reputable organisation, and it was the best decision in my imaging progress. No problems and the conversion done to very high standards. Despite heavily light polluted skies I can now pick up a Hα signal. The best results require a fair bit of processing, but use a CLS filter or Hα clip filter and it gets a lot easier. Images with 750d, Skywatcher Esprit 80ed f5/400, AVX mount, exposures typically 3-5 minutes iso 1600, greyscale with Hα filter from colour. The downside is the expense, including sending a camera insured to Germany. The conversion was done in about a week.
  • Greatly extends the range of possible imaging
  • Expense
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E. Matys 296/10/2015 24/10/201508:43
  • Rating:
Canon DSLR Umbau auf Baader ACF
... letzte Woche habe ich von Ihnen meine EOS 350D nach erfolgtem Umbau zurückerhalten. Auf den ersten Blick war keine Änderung zu erkennen - weder äußerlich, noch in der Tageslichtfotografie. Normale terrestrische Bilder sehen durch den von Ihnen bereits vorgenommenen manuellen Weißabgleich genauso aus wie zuvor.

Die Flatfields, die ich gleich für verschiedene Wechselobjektive angefertigt habe, zeigen, dass der Umbau sehr sauber erfolgt ist. Ein einsamer winziger Fleck in der rechten unteren Bildecke verrät ein Staubkörnchen, das sich vielleicht sogar erst nach dem Umbau auf den Filter verirrt hat. Jedenfalls sehen die Flats sauberer aus als vor der Modifikation.

Auch die Fokuslage habe ich mit mehreren Wechselobjektiven gleich getestet. Sie hat sich tatsächlich nicht verschoben.
Wirklich beeindruckend waren die ersten Testaufnahmen, die nach überraschendem Aufklaren am Osterwochenende möglich waren. Die schwächsten Sterne sind (mit einem f/2.8 135mm Teleobjektiv, abgeblendet auf f/4) tatsächlich nur ein Pixel (!) groß.

Der Umbau hat etwa vier Wochen gedauert (Sendung von Wien nach Deutschland, Umbauzeit, Retoursendung). Schön wäre gewesen, über das Einlangen der Kamera bei Ihnen mit einem kurzen e-Mail informiert zu werden, aber auch das war mit telefonischem Nachfragen kein Problem.

Zusammenfassend lässt sich ohne Übertreibung behaupten, dass durch Ihren Umbau aus einer bedingt astrotauglichen DSLR eine echte Astrokamera wird. Danke für die sorgfältige Behandlung und das perfekte Ergebnis!
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2 Item(s)

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