QHY miniGuideScope

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QHY miniGuideScope

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  • Ultra-light guiding telescope for CMOS cameras of the QHY5 II and III series in elegant design
  • The achromatic lens with its broadband antireflection coating produces ultra-sharp, pinpoint star images.
  • Focal length 130 at 30 mm aperture
  • Weight (without CMOS camera) only 111 grams.
  • Compatible camera models: QHY5L-II-C QHY5L-II-M QHY5R-II-C QHY5P-II-C QHY5P-II-M QHY5III224 QHY5III178 QHY5III185 QHY5III174 and QHY5III290
  • The QHY miniGuideScope is also available with a telescope mounting kit (see drop down menu)

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€ 162.00 Price excl. German VAT tax (19%): € 136.13

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QHY miniGuidescope

The idea behind the QHY miniGuideScope

As the pixels of CMOS sensors are getting smaller and smaller and the quantum efficiency (sensitivity of the sensor) is increasing, there is no need to use telescopes with large aperture and long focal length as guiding systems in astronomical photography. The mechanical reduction of a mounting of large, heavy guide tube systems is of course a big advantage of the QHY miniGuideScope.

The QHY miniGuideScope is mechically exquisitely crafted and has a very favourable price/performance ratio, also if you are already the owner of a QHY planetary camera of series II or III.

The objective has a focal length of 130mm and an aperture of 30mm, which results in an aperture ratio of f/4.3. The small pixels, e.g. from the QHY5L-II, can reliably detect and immediately correct deviations of the telescope tracking even with the relatively short focal length of 130mm. One advantage of the short focal length - even with sensors of relatively small area - is that the field of view is so large that a suitable guide star can be found in practically every region of the sky. The high quantum efficiency of the sensors - especially those of the QHY Series III Back Side Illuminated sensors - is also crucial for clean, successful guiding of long exposed astrophotos.

Objective and focusing

The use of a broadband anti-reflective coating on the achromatic lens ensures an image quality that is sharper than when using an industrial telephoto lens. Sharper star images provide better feedback on the guiding error, thus improving the accuracy of the system.

The design with front thread and locking screw greatly simplifies the focusing mechanism without compromising accuracy. This solution greatly reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for a precise running focuser between lens and Camera. A numbered scale is engraved on the front focusing ring to help you easily remember the focus position. The best focus position can even be locked permanently with a short screw.

Compatible QHY camera models of series II- and III:

  • QHY5L-II-M
  • QHY5L-II-C
  • QHY5R-II-C
  • QHY5P-II-C
  • QHY5P-II-M
  • QHY5III224
  • QHY5III178
  • QHY5III185
  • QHY5III174 
  • QHY5III290

Further detail information can be found on the webpage of QHYCCD

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