Starizona (Hyperstar)

Celestron Digital Schmidt-Cameras with HyperStar System

The Hyperstar lens, patented by Starizona, is your fastest way into high-end astrophotography. Hyperstar turns your Schmidt-Cassegrain into a true astrograph with an aperture ratio of f/2! It takes only some moments to switch between the classical Schmidt Cassegrain configuration and a high-speed-astrograph – and back again.

Starizona, an american manufacturer form Tucson, Arizona, developed a lens system that can replaces the secondary mirror of a Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD, so that you can install a camera (even a DSLR) in the prime focus.

With its custom-designed optical system, the Hyperstar’s image quality is unmatched. Each Hypster lens is made differently for each telescope. This isn’t only to compensate for the difference in size, but also so the lense is optimized to fit each telescope design. The result? A flat field of view - which is completely sharp - from edge to edge. This leaves you with star images that are much sharper than using the same telescope at f/10, despite the field of view being 5 times wider.

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