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Founded in 2006, PlaneWave Instruments is committed to providing observatory-class products for serious astronomers at an unprecedented value. Developed by PlaneWave, the CDK (Corrected Dall-Kirkham) is a revolutionary telescope, its optical system was designed to excel at imaging on large format CCD cameras while remaining an excellent instrument for visual use.

Created to meet the demands of both the serious imager and visual observer, the CDK is offered at an unprecedented price/performance ratio for a telescope of this quality and aperture. One advantage of the CDK design is its ease of collimation and achievable centering tolerance for a telescope of this class. This assures that the user will get the best possible performance out of the telescope. The end result is a telescope which is free from off-axis coma, off-axis astigmatism, and curvature of field, yielding a perfectly flat field all the way out to the edge of the largest CCD sensors available today. Today PlaneWave makes a full line of CDK and Ritchey-Chrétien (RC) telescopes as well as imaging and observatory class mounts to provide complete imaging systems for both individuals and industry.

Read more about the Optical Design of CDK-telescopes: CDK – Optical Design

As official EU distributor, we are pleased to present the PlaneWave product range to you on a brandnew website. The combination of PlaneWave telescopes as well as Baader domes, accessories and service leads to truly turnkey observatories.

Please also note the original website of PlaneWave Instruments. Here you will find a selection of all common camera adapters for Planewave Telescopes.

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