Baader Planetarium

The company Baader Planetarium is a middle sized enterprise having 50 years experience in producing and installing astronomical equipment.

More than 600 observatory domes of sizes from 2 m up to 8.5 m have been mounted, together with a large number of projection domes for planetarium installations up to 10 m in diameter. Observatory domes serve for a multitude of applications for scientific use around the world specialized to work under the hardest of environments, with installations in Antarctica (Dome C - 84°C) to high Arctic regions such as Svalbard (NyAalesund -45°C), Ellesmere Island (Eureca -60°C), in desert conditions with hermetic seals against dust and a number of high Alpine locations. Also the company specializes in high end robotic telescopes with apertures up to one meter as European sole distributor of Planewave Instruments USA, telescope mounts of varuious configurations, Echelle spectrographs featuring a resolution up to 20 000 lambda/delta lambda under Licence of MaxPlanck Institution(MPI).

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  1.   1 kg leveling counterweight and V-dovetail clamp, Diam. 70mm

    # 2451531

    € 72.13 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 62.18
    • made of V2A stainless steel
    • including V-clamp 70mm diam. to mount onto V-dovetails
    • 1 kg
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  2.   Baader IR-Pass Filter (685 nm)

    Baader IR-Pass Filter (685 nm)

    € 121.85 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 105.04
    • Baader IR-Pass Filer HWB 685nm
    • Reduces the effect of seeing resulting in a much sharper image.
    • Tip for use: Ideal for imaging and used for the luminosity channel.
    • The effect of use: The normal spectral bandwidth is 400-700nm. This filter starts at 670nm in the deep red, just in the visual range so it can be focussed correctly. At this long-wavelength spectral range the atmospheric air turbulence (seeing) has much lower impact on the sharpness. Dark structures on Mars, Jupiter the Moon and the Sun are thereby rendered much sharper. The luminosity can then be combined with RGB creating a very sharp LRGB image.
    • Highly recommended for any planetary imager.
    • Reflex free anti-reflective and optically polished.
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  3.   Baader OTP 19W Outdoor Telescope Power Switching Power Supply

    Baader OTP 19W Outdoor Telescope Power Switching Power Supply

    # 2457610

    € 24.50 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 21.12
    • Output 12.8V DC/ 1.5 Amp (19 Watt) from 90V to 260V AC
    • Made for outdoor application at cold temperatures. Usable in temperatures from -25°C up to 40°C
    • 2.5m ( 8.25´) telescope cord
    • Protective-disconnect ellbowed plug German design and quality with EU-wall plug, 5.5mm / 2.1mm

    Please note: The OTP 19W as shown here is discontinued.
    Check out its successor: {{block type="core/template" template="wordpress/product/shortcode-global.phtml" shortcode="[product sku=\"2457615\"]"}}. Learn More

  4.   Baader 5mm Hyperion 68° Modular Eyepiece

    Baader 5mm Hyperion 68° Modular Eyepiece

    # 2454605

    € 141.35 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 121.85
    • Fixed focal length of 5mm, 68° field of view – ease of view even at high magnifications!
    • High quality Phantom Group-Coating in Zeiss class for complete freedom from reflections with maximum contrast
    • 1¼" and 2" barrels included, thus variable focal lengths
    • Includes many threads for camera and accessory adaptation, afocal and classical eyepiece projection is possible
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  5.   Baader Hyperion DT-Ring SP54/M52 for DTAdapter II&III and Hyperion Eyepieces

    # 2958052

    € 16.09 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 13.87
    • DT Adapter II & III and Hyperion Eyepieces
    • The Hyperion DT-rings are optimized for the shortest distance between eyepiece lens and digital camera lens.
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  6. BACHES Echelle-Spectrograph

    # 2458600

    € 7,793.45 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 6,718.49
    • Baader BACHES Echelle-Spektrograf: A New Level of SCIENTIFIC SPECTROSCOPY with small Telescopes
    • average spectral resolution R = 18,000
    • changeable 25 and 50μm slits. Slit length 125μm
    • light and compact, only 1350g (without CCD camera)

    Further information:

    Baches Info Summary BACHES Info Summary  - A highly efficient Echelle-Spectrograph

    Click here for BACHES condensed tech data and summary of links and downloads concerning BACHES features and benefits, incl. MIBAS - free of charge calibration software 

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  7.   2" Glasspathcorrector® 1,7x for Newtons

    # 2456300

    € 190.09 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 163.87
    • 2" Glasspathcorrector® Factor 1,8 for Newtons - at full aperture with integrated Coma-Corrector
    • Suitable to insert into the Baader Maxbright and Mark V Großfeld Binocular viewer (insert diameter: ∅ 2" - 50,8mm, incl. M48 filter thread)
    • A Baader Glaspathcorrector® is not a Barlow lens! The reason for this name is only secondly the displacement of the focal point
    • A Glaspathcorrector® is primarily intended to correct the prismatic color fringing that occurs on Refractors due to the high amount of glasses used in binocular prisms
    • Includes 1x {{block type="core/template" template="wordpress/product/shortcode-global.phtml" shortcode="[product sku=\"2904020\"]"}}
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  8.   OPFA - Eyepiece Projection adapter  ( I - VII )
    From: € 58.49 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 50.42
    • OPFA I –Eyepiece Projection adapter ( I - VII )
    • Delivery without projection eyepiece
    • For imaging with digital and/or analog (D)SLR cameras with removable lens
    • Consist of base version OPFA (single parts see OPFA IV) and additional lens sided adapters on other ADPS versions
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  9.   Remote Switch for 10Micron mounts

    # 2455030

    € 243.69 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 210.08
    • Remote Switch for 10Micron GM-Mounts
    • with1m cable and german manual
    • 12V/100-240V Power Supply
    • incl. web interface and smartphone app
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  10.   Baader Universal Red Dot Mount (RDM) incl. Standard Finder Base

    Baader Universal Red Dot Mount (RDM) incl. Standard Finder Base

    # 2457011

    € 38.01 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 32.77
    • Universal Red Dot Mount RDM
    • All metal design (rail part & base part)
    • Weaver gun-rail standard 11mm standard gun rail – fits all Red Dot finders
    • 70 mm height to provide efficient "face-space" between telescope and red dot visor
    • V-shaped dove-tail fits most finder-shoes of Celestron, Sky-Watcher, Vixen and Bresser telescopes
    • Baader Standard Base #2457000 to fit all telescopes with one or two mounting screws
    • Weight w/o Baader Standard Base: 55g
    • Weight with Baader Standard Base: 115g
    • Height w/o Baader standard base: 64 mm
    • Height with Baader standard base: 70 mm
    • V-shaped base-part can be removed for mounting the rail part straight onto third party platforms
    • Scope of delivery: 1x Universal Red Dot Mount, 1x Baader Standard Base
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  11.   Baader Steel Leveling Flange with 20° tilt for GM 4000

    # 2451184

    € 623.87 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 537.82
    • the Baader leveling flange with 20° tilt for GM 4000 is used to extend the adjustability of the pole height by 20°. Thus, the mount can also be used in proximity to the equator.
    • Consisting of two solid steel, separated by six steel bars
    • Top plate precision milled flat and threaded to fit the base plate.
    • Height 100 until 151 mm
    • Suitable as a pillar adapter flange to the Baader conical steel pillar #2451220
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  12.   Off Axis Guider for Baader FlipMirror II (BFM-OAG)

    Off Axis Guider for Baader FlipMirror II (BFM-OAG)

    # 2956951

    € 95.53 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 82.35
    • Off Axis Guider (BFM-OAG) for direct connection to the {{block type="core/template" template="wordpress/product/shortcode-global.phtml" shortcode="[product sku=\"2458055\"]"}}
    • This is the only prism that can be tuned to actively center a star on the guiding chip.
    • Use the BFM-OAG to attach an autoguider camera to a Baader FlipMirror II Mirror Diagonal that works with every position of the mirror.
    • The distance between the optical axis and the center of the OAG prism is 17.5mm - once the 4mm spacer ring is removed. This distance provides the largest possible vignetting-free field while retaining all the advantages of the large and movable prism.
    • With one or two DT-4 nosepiece extensions #1905130 you can place virtually any camera above the Off-Axis-Guider so that it is parfocal with the recording camera.
    • The BFM-OAG is also part of the Off Axis Guider for RCC (RCC-OAG) #2956950
    • Requires 24mm back focus on BFM II
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  13.   Baader 2" Four-in-One Adapter M68 (Zeiss) / 2.7" (A.P.) / M60 (Vixen) / M56 (Synta)

    # 2458190

    € 73.11 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 63.03
    • Holds all all Zeiss devices - with 68mm thread (with 19mm optical height)
    • Keeps all Vixen Optics - with 60mm thread on the focus tube (with 24mm optical height)
    • Keeps all Astrophysics refractors with 2.7 "thread (with 13mm optical height)
    • Keeps all Skywatcher- / Celestron refractors, all Synta optics - with 56mm thread on 2 "eyepiece holder (with 31mm optical height)
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  14.   Reducing ring M48a / T-2a

    # 2958554

    € 22.42 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 19.33
    • Changer / Reducing Ring M48 to T-2 with M48 male thread
    • Changes the M48 female thread of a adapter into a T-2 male thread
    • Can be used to combine T-Rings with M48 male  threads with accessories with T-2 male thread
    • Made of hardened, stainless steel
    • This conversion ring is also part of {{block type="core/template" template="wordpress/product/shortcode-global.phtml" shortcode="[product sku=\"2458055\"]"}} 
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  15.   Baader CCD RGB Filter-Set 1¼" for beginners (3 Color Filters + IR Cut Filter)
  16.   Filter cell 1¼" Low Profile, 6mm height

    # 2459251L

    € 20.47 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 17.65
    • Baader Low Profile 1¼" filter cell (without optical filter)
    • only 6mm optical height
    • with grip-crown
    • unlabeled
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  17.   Optionaler Canon Camera Adapter, zusammengestellt aus M68 und T-2 Teilen, nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten

    Baader M68 Field Flattener

    # 2458260

    € 628.74 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 542.02
    • 3-lens field corrector for BAADER APO 95/560 CaF2 Travel Companion
    • 76.11mm backfocus, 52mm corrected field of view
    • telescope side M68a thread, camera side M68i thread
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  18.   TurboFilm 127 x 51 cm, ND 0,1

    # 2459350

    € 28.27 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 24.37
    • Baader Turbo Film 127x51cm (Optical Density: 0,1). Use to protect your telescope and optical equipment against dust and humidity – without reducing the optical quality
    • This is the essence of AstroSolar safety film. A highest precision, crystal clear material (not “Mylar”).
    • It is a monomer film which we found after thoroughly testing more than 200 different film samples on our Zeiss autocollimator. This film was used in german Science Institutes as optical membrane for nuclear and particle physics experiments. The basic substrate has been further refined and homogenized by a proprietary annealing process that was developed exclusively for us.
    • Due to these treatments Turbo Film attains perfect homogeneity and performs equal to a 1/10 wave plane parallel optical window. In fact it has the lowest wedge error of any existing optical window. TurboFilm will protect your valuable optical equipment, close telescope tubes against dust and humidity, greatly reduce air currents – all without reducing the optical quality of your telescope.
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  19.   Baader Guidescope rings BP III - 140-185mm

    # 1500203

    € 229.08 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 197.48
    • Guidescope rings BPIII (2 pc)
    • With 6 large handknobs with screw and ball bearing tips
    • For tube diameter 140 - 185mm
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  20.   Baader Sidewing - Side Mounting Plate for Plates and Clamps

    # 2451558

    € 599.50 Price excl. German VAT tax (16%): € 516.81
    • Baader sidewings are connected to the side (left, both sides or right) of the 8" Planewave terminal #2451555.
    • Side plates/clamps can be placed on the sidewings, eg: Baader base plate 400mm # 1500340 or Baader Pan EQ clamps 190mm, 230mm and 370mm
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