BlueAstro StickStation (USB-Weatherstation)

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BlueAstro StickStation (USB-Weatherstation)

# 1482010

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  • a complete sensor package specifically designed for the serious astro imager
  • It delivers barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and dew-point with high precision
  • comes in a very compact package in the form of a USB stick
Note: To our greatest shock and sorrow, the intellectual father and developer of the USB Stickstation - Per Frejvall - surprisingly passed away in 2016. We have now received the consent of his family to continue the project without him. However, we ask for your understanding that the familiarization with this product and its further development requires a lot of time and we want to bring the product back into the market only if it corresponds exactly to the same quality that Per had in mind for it. We are aware that the Stickstation is a long-awaited product. We are therefore very sorry to inform you that we can accept pre-reservation, however at the moment we can not provide any binding information about price and delivery time. We will re-publish the availability in due course. Thank you for your understanding.

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BlueAstro StickStation (USB-Weatherstation)

BlueAstro StickStation
Today’s modern mounts require access to meteorological data in the form of temperature, pressure, and sometimes humidity in order to properly compensate for atmospheric refraction. The information needs to be local and affects both pointing and tracking. Access to good sensor data is important both when operating in an observatory and when going portable. For fixed observatories a number of weather station packages ae available, but none of them are suitable for portable use the way Stickstation is. Naturally, the Blue Astro Stickstation can be used in a permanent setup as well.
Housed in a small package similar to a USB memory stick, the Stickstation draws very little power and does not require any exotic device drivers on your system, be it Microsoft Windows, Linux or OSX. For Microsoft Windows users, the Stickstation application stores your data in a SQL database and can also generate data files for various astro imaging software packages.
Die Stickstation enthält ein zuverlässiges und exaktes Sensorpaket von einem der führenden Hersteller von embedded Sensoren, nämlich Bosch Sensortek. Der Sensor misst die örtlichen Werte für Luftdruck, Temperatur und relative Feuchte, welche der Stickstation-Prozessor dann kalibriert und daraus den Taupunkt errechnet.
Stickstation contains firmware that samples the sensor, performs accurate floating-point calculations, and reports to your computer. The firmware can be updated from computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux and OSX.
For Microsoft Windows users, the Stickstation application finds your device automatically and reacquires it should you unplug and re-plug it. Data is stored in a SQLite database, and if you happen to own a 10Micron mount, the application automatically supplies your mount with continuous refraction data. Support for Astro imaging packages is added with each new iteration.
If you want to write your own software for reading the Stickstation, the protocol is fully described in the manual.

Read the detailed instruction manual under the TAB "Downloads"


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Manufacturer Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 1482010

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