Will the FCCT also become available for ZWO cameras?

As a QHY dealer we do have access to all QHY cameras and when the design solution for such a "seemingly impossible product" like the FCCT I came up, we were able to use QHY cameras for all tests concerning RASA and FCCT adaptation and find out about all obstacles (there were many, one of them being the fact that not two RASA 8s have the exact same image plane position...). So for this combination we know that it works and we did add two 0.5 mm shims to enable the user to compensate for such fine focal differences. Now any 77mm diameter QHY-camera body featuring the 6.5 mm chip distance can be mounted onto the FCCT I and onto RASA 8 optics with three screws (check the instruction manual).

However, we did integrate the four-hole-scheme of the smaller ZWO ASI cameras into the FCCT I camera flange, but there is no detailed instruction manual available for this and we had no opportunity to test the FCCT I ourselves with ASI cameras. Some mechanically skilled customers already managed to mount an ASI onto an FCCT I by locating the necessary longer screws themselves and did successful imaging with their RASA 8 (see test review). However, we would not recommend this for everyone, since the FCCT is not a simple "consumer-product" but was intended for hardnecked "Amateurs" – which by definition are "lovers, devoted to a cause".

So if you have a 78mm diameter ZWO camera and want to fit an FCCT I, maybe contact your local dealer and see if he can offer you an FCCT I with the option of taking it back if it doesn't fit your ZWO-camera after all.

For the larger ZWO cameras we did not have the engineering time to find out if a mechanical adaptation (such as our FCCT II for Ø 90mm QHY cameras) is possible at all. A mechanical solution needs to be developed still and may take some time. Also in this case it needs to be mentioned that the UFC-system is a workaround to mount most of those cameras, while retaining ability to exhange a wide variety of standard filters without the need to buy dedicated unmounted 2" filters (that are necessary for the larger chip sizes anyhow) – albeit without the tilter functionality.
And for the larger RASAs this restriction also does not apply, since there the longer backfocus does allow to mount any camera when combining the UFC-filter chamber and the UFC-tilter

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