Update: SteelGo II Software

Baader Steeldrive II Fokussiermotor, Baader BDS Diamond Steeltrack® und Nikon DSLR-Kamera im Einsatz an Baader Apo 95/560 Travel Companion auf 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Montierung

Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller (#2957165 , € 665,-) , Baader BDS Diamond Steeltrack® and Nikon DSLR-camera attached to a Baader Apo 95/560 Travel Companion on a 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Mount

One Controller for several motor units with SteelGo II Software

With a Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller (#2957165 , € 665,-) , you can automatically control your focuser with a computer as well as use the keys of the hand control for precise, vibration-free focusing.

The Steeldrive II consists of a motor unit, which is connected with a timing belt to the focuser's slow-motion-control to work without backlash, and of a control unit with the electronics, which also doubles as hand control. This modular design means that you can equip each of your telescopes with its own motor unit and only need one controller, which you connect to the telescope you are currently using. Only if you operate several telescopes at the same time, then you need several controllers.

SteelDrive II Motor unit and Controller now available separtately

The latest version of the SteelGo II Software for controlling the SteelDrive II motor focuser offers the possibility to comfortably store the data of any number of telescopes (each with its own motor) with its own bookmarks, temperature compensation coefficients and much more and to control them with only one single controller.

Steeldrive II Controller

Steeldrive II Controller (#2957260 , € 445,-)

Steeldrive II motor

Steeldrive II Motor Unit (#2957265 , € 275,-)

The settings are automatically updated when connecting to the Steeldrive II Controller (#2957260 , € 445,-) .

This allows you to equip several telescopes with one motor each when using several telescopes. However, only one controller is necessary, which is used alternately. This reduces the purchase costs for several telescopes considerably.

The download archive contains theSteelGo II 32- and 64-bit versions, the latest firmware version as well as the SteelDrive II Firmware UpdateTool to update the firmware. Please update your Controller to version 1.1 - please note the hints in the ReadMe file

SteelGo II Software Download

SD II Motor Unit

SteelGo II Software

SD II Controller

Video: Steeldrive II – Installation of
Motor Unit and Magnet Holder

Video: SteelGo II – Working with the Software

Video: Steeldrive II – Controller
Installation and Functions

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