New products September 2017

After this long summer period with the solar eclipse in USA we are glad to herewith introduce

2" MPCC V-1 Mark III Newton Coma Correktor - SET: Visual and Photographic Version

  • Coma corrector for Newton telescopes, that neither does reduce the focal length nor the image field of your telescope
  • 46 mm clear lens diameter in M48 mode – enables exposures free from vignetting
  • designed for fast f-ratios up to f / 3.5. Maximum sharpness across the entire image field
  • Phantom Coating™ Group, multicoated for maximum transmission and total freedom from reflections
  • Visual & Photographic Version consisting of:
    • 2" Multi-Purpose Coma Correktor (MPCC) Mark III photographic #2458400A
    • Focussing eyepiece clamp 1¼" to T-2 (T-2 # 08A)(T-2 #08A) #2458125
    • VariLock 29, steplessly adjustable T-2 extension from 20 – 29 mm (T2 #25Y) #2956929
  • Optionally recommended: Hyperion / Morpheus 2" Finetuning Stopring #2958027

Please note: This set replaces the former set #2458402 for visual and photographic application of the MPCC Mark III. The old set consisted of a multitude of rings - but was not adjustable in optical length such as this new set.

The origin of this new and much more versatile MPCC-set got inspired after we received this detailed question regarding eyepiece adaptation on MPCC, where we recommended our VariLock and focusing eyepiece clamp as best accessories.

Baader T-Pod Aluminium StativThe Family of T-Pods got larger: T-Pod Baader Aluminium-Tripod, adjustable from 95 to 130 cm

    • now also available with height adjusting range of 95 cm – 130 cm
    • excellent stability with minimal weight: 12,25 kg own weight
    • high payload capacity of 100 kg total payload
    • easy setup and takedown, top plate pre-drilled for Baader Tripod-Adapters (see below)
    • high-quality materials: black anodised hard aluminium and stainless steel. Solid construction for a long lifetime
    • easy transport with built-in handles & dedicated soft carrying bag (Carrying bag is included)
    • small folded dimensions for easy transport

Baader H-alpha CCD-Narrowband-Filter 7 mm, 31 mm

  • 1¼" Baader H-alpha CCD Filter, FWHM 7nm with 31 mm diameter
  • halfbandwith 7 Nanometer, thus best suitable for Full Frame CCD Cameras and CMSOS cameras
  • excellent high-contrast Deep-Sky H-alpha filter for RGB-application, kills light pollution and is totally free form reflection
  • 7-layer mutlicoating on camera side, plane-optically polished

New Baader f/2 Highspeed-Filterset, 31 mm, consisting of H-alpha- (#2459381), O III-, (#2459382), S II-Filter (#2459383)

  • f/2 Highspeed Filterset consisting of 3 Filter: H-alpha, O III and S II. Highspeed Narrowband Filter are designed especially for the delicate requirements of extremely fast astrograph optics, in particular Hyperstar and RASA
  • conventional narrowband filters cause a heavy loss in transmission due to the strong CWL-shift. In extreme cases the CWL even does shift out of the FWHM (CWL= Center-wavelength / FWHM= full width half maximum). Therefore these filters have a CWL-preshift which matches f/2 to f/3 perfectly.
  • the FWHM is optimized. In spite of the typical line broadening with such fast optical trains they are able to deliver maximum contrast
  • for the first time use fast optics really effectively with high contrast emission nebulae imaging. Triple S/N-ratio when compared to common narrowband filter at f/2.
  • using these filters between f/1,8 and f/3,5  shows a dramatic improvement compared to any regular set of narrowband-filters

SpecTrack Autoguiding Software für SternspektroskopieSpecTrack Autoguiding Software for Spectroscopy

    • The Innovation: Autoguidung at a star within the spectrograph's slit
    • Store different configurations of guidecam and mount
    • Online or offline activation
    • Up to three activations on your own systems at the same time possible
    • BACHES Remote Calibration Unit RCU control possible
    • Can be used with any slit spectrograph
    • Even autoguiding at stars possible (stellar astrophotography)



Please note: we put the following Baader products in the last months into our online shop:

Massive 8" Doppelmontage-Platte für bis zu 100 kg Instrumentengewicht

1. Heavy Duty 8" Double-Mounting-Plate

  • 8" (width 203mm) heavy-duty dovetail bar 570mm in total length, mounts onto heavy mounts such as 10Micron GM 3000 or GM 4000
  • requires one 8" Planewave Clamp (# 2451555) – see application images) for attaching the Double-Mounting plate onto the mount to move left and right.
  • allows dual mounting of two optical tubes side by side – with total instrument payload up to 100kg (~220 pound)
  • pre-drilled for most Baader-bars and clamps, eg.: Baader Pan EQ clamps 190mm, 230mm, 370mm or an additional 8" Planewave clamp


2. Baader Tripod Adapter for Vixen AP Mounts

  • suitable for Vixen AP mount
  • suitable for the Baader T-Pod Aluminium Stativ 75-110 cm and 95 - 130 cm
  • this adapter also fits onto Vixen-, Bresser- or Sky-Watcher tripods
  • Attention: for adaptation on Baader Short-Pillar III the Universal Flange-Basis (#2451155) is needed in addition


3. 2" Baader Nosepiece with Safety Kerf
(T-2 Bauteil #19A)
2" Steckhülse ultrahart, mit Baader SafetyKerf-Sicherungsrillen

  • hard ultra 2" nose piece ultra hard, with Baader proprietory Safety Kerfs (introduced with our Morpheus and Hyperion Zoom Mark IV eyepieces: The numerous shallow kerfs give additional grip and security from inadvertent slipping, without the annoying problems sometimes caused by traditional deep undercuts)
  • Focus side 2" (50.8mm) male thread (SCT thread) – incl. female M48 filter thread for cell mounted 2" filters
  • Telescope side 2" outer diameter – also with 48mm filter thread for cell mounted 2" filters
  • for numerous applications, such as mounting the Baader 6x6 T-adapter (T-2 component #17) onto 2" focusers. For improving the 2" nose piece of all Baader 2" star diagonals a.s.f.


4.  Morpheus® M43/SP54 Adapter

  • Morpheus® M43/SP54 AdapterMorpheus® Adapter to convert the Morpheus M43 male top-thread into a SP54 male thread – without adding onto the optical height
  • this adapter allows connection of most standard camera lenses with filter threads to adapt onto each Morpheus® eyepiece, to use the eyepiece for afocal eyepiece projection photography and achieve outstanding planetary images
  • for connection your camera-lens onto the SP54 thread, you need in addition our "Hyperion DT-rings"
  • this adapter is exclusively suitable for Morpheus® 76° eyepieces and is not designed to fit the Hyperion or Hyperion-Zoom family of eyepieces because the optical distance must fit for the Morpheus- eyepieces

5. Baader UFC AUX Filter-Holder 31 mm (#2459151), 36 mm (#2459152), and 1¼" (#2459153)

  • auyillary filter containers for unmounted  31mm (#2459151) / 36mm (#2459152) and 1¼" (#2459153) mounted Filter
  • requires 1x UFC D50.4 Slider #2459113
  • mounts into the UFC D50 slider, this combo site inside the UFC filter-base and allows fast exchange between filters while still holding every filter safe and firm
  • Just one "click" onto the brass-pin releases the filter holder from the magnetic fixture. Afterwards it can be removed easily

6. Baader UFC M72 Camera-Adapter Baader UFC M72 Kamera-Adapter

  • Optical height: 2 mm
  • telescope-sided with mounting plate for UFC-Base (screws included)
  • camera-sided with M72 outer thread (e.g. for Starlight Xpress cameras)
  • can be adapted via the included screws and the mounting plate to the UFC filter base #2459110 and allows camera-sided adaptation of adapters/cameras with M72 inner threads

7. Software


Dimensions of Photoshop by Adam Block

This video is part of the larger "Cosmic Canvas" series. With over 13 hours of material for beginners and professional astrophotographers

The complete Tutorial of CCDStack

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