Turnkey Telescope Installation for "Staernwarte Gersbach"

staernwarte Gersbach:
PlaneWave CDK 17" und TEC 140 ED auf 10Micron GM 3000 HPS

Die Fakten

Student research centre phaenovum
Baader Observatory Management System
PlaneWave CDK 17 with TEC APO 140 ED
10Micron GM 3000 HPS on Baader Heavy Steel Pillar
DADOS Spectrograph, 8" double mounting plate, Whitelight- and H-alpha filters as well as various other optical and mechanical parts
Visual observation, Deep-Sky imaging, Astrometry, spectroscopy
Build in Year

It's all about the right combination.

With the help of various parts from our standard products, we have assembled the following combination of devices for the staernwarte (observatory) Gersbach in order to create a device with multifunctional use on the most solid and stable basis.

From spectroscopy, astrophotography and astrometry of various satellite tracking applications up to solar observation, planetary videography and much more – the equipment leaves nothing to be desired.

The 10Micron GM 3000 HPS offers an excellent basis, which – once correctly adjusted and calibrated – lets you completely forget the fact that the earth rotates. The tracking via HPS technology works so perfectly and easily that you can fully concentrate on your work with the two large instruments.

The PlaneWave CDK 17" as an astrophotographic device and the TEC APO 140 ED as a solar and planetary device complement each other perfectly and can make individual wishes possible. Both work fully photographically as well as visually. Thus there are no limits to the applicability of the observatory.

Baader Observatory Managment System

The growing demand of "out-of-the-box"-working observatory equipment (and dome) led us to develop the Baader Observatory Management System (OMS) a few years ago. The OMS enables complete control of the individual components on the telescope. It is installed in a stainless steel wall-mounted housing and is delivered and connected with a pre-assembled cable harness. The OMS contains a control computer as well as various high quality power supplies and switches and industrial switching modules. All components are pre-assembled and configured in our factory. With the OMS we can enable the customer to use the full performance of the observatory immediately after installation and to operate it fully remotely.

We wish the entire phaenovum team all the best and many successes with the observatory!

Further Information (german language only)

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