The Baader Planetarium UFC Design-Guide

The Universal Filter Changer (UFC) system with its solid mechanics and high flexibility has found a large user base worldwide. Nevertheless, there are always applications that are not covered by the adapters available to date. Therefore, we receive requests for technical drawings from our customers again and again. In the course of further development of our products, we are now pleased to be able to provide the UFC Design Guide.

This design guide contains technical drawings with all the relevant dimensions you need to make your own adapters for both sides of the UFC - be it S70 ring dovetail connection on the telescope- side or the eyepiece/camera-side adaptation:

UFC Design-Guide: Camera-side UFC adapter
Download as PDF

UFC Design-Guide: Telescope-side UFC adapter
Download as PDF

This means that you can now easily design your own adapters for the UFC system and thus implement individual solutions for your special requirements.

We created this small design guide because of the following review by one for our customers. This is a good example of how your feedback and customizations help us continuously improve our products.

He published a very positive review of our UFC system, which highlighted the solidity and flexibility of the UFC system, but also his need for special adaptations, which motivated us to publish these drawings. Our customer has already created his own adapter using our design guide and kindly provided us with pictures as well as his self-created CAD drawings and documentation for it (without warranty), which we are allowed to share here. He himself writes about it:

My new adapter is an off axis guider for the UFC with M68 connection. It is supposed to connect the 2 1/2" corrector of my selfmade Newton (M68 mount) to the UFC and the camera without mechanical compromises. Another design criterion was to realize a clear aperture as large as possible to minimize the vignetting of a full format sensor. Since I had already made very good experiences with a homemade off-axis guider with an M48 connection, I used the Baader information on the UFC to make an M68 off-axis guider with a UFC ring mount that has the required length for my image train. As prism I used a simple 8x8 prism from Chin.


We encourage you to share your similar projects and customizations with us and our customers. Your feedback helps us to continuously improve and enhance our products.

Thank you for your support and trust in Baader Planetarium.

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