SteelDrive II under mac OS and Linux with TheSkyX and INDIGO

Two new Plugins for Steeldrive II: TheSkyX and Indigo

Since its release in April this year, the Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller (#2957165 , € 665,-) has become more and more popular. Already in spring we passed on all necessary data to external developers, so that they can write plugins for their software. Two such plugins are now available, see below.


A plugin for the native support of SteelDrive II by the Astronomy-Suite TheSkyX is now available for download at

TheSkyX is a comprehensive professional astronomy software, which enables the control of all components of an observatory, as well as the planning of observations. TheSkyX supports Windows, macOS, Linux and ARM (Raspberry PI 3).


To use the SteelDrive II with INDIGO nutzen zu können, you must download Software-Version 2.0-95 or higher.


is a free, platform-independent standard for controlling astronomical observatories. The network-based client-server approach of INDIGO enables the simultaneous control of any number of devices connected to different distributed computers.
Especially the INDIGO Sky image for the RaspberryPI enjoys popularity to make its telescope network compatible including mount, camera, focuser, etc. INDIGO is available for Linux, macOS and ARM.

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