QHY cameras in the professional field


Scientific Cameras

QHYCCD scientific cameras offer the latest technology in scientific imaging at reasonable prices. Scientific CMOS image sensors offer extremely low noise, fast frame rates, wide dynamic range, high quantum efficiency, high resolution and a large field of view simultaneously in one image. In this sense, while QHYCCD cameras for astronomy clearly meet the definition of scientific cameras, QHYCCD differentiates its scientific camera models with additional features not found in similar models for astrophotography.

QHYCCD scientific cameras are characterized not only by extremely low noise, high quantum efficiency, and other scientific CMOS features, but by

  • Large area, high resolution sensors, SWIR sensors, polarized light sensors,
  • GPS-enabled timing,
  • external triggers,
  • field programmable gate arrays,
  • 2x10 GB fiber optic computer interface and water cooling options.
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