QHY Cameras for Spectroscopy


Special feature QHY294:

 The QHY294M is technically a special case and is supplied by Sony with a fixed pixel binning of a 2x2 matrix as standard. As a result, the Back Side Illuminated Sensor delivers 11.7 megapixels at 4.63 µm and 14-bit data depth in standard mode (readout mode 0).

QHY has managed to switch Sony's "on-chip" binning on and off in the monochrome version of the 294 PRO, thereby enabling two different readout modes. Readout mode 1 "unlocks" the binning to produce 46.8 MP images with 2.315 µm pixel size at 12-bit data depth per pixel. The ability to trigger the 294 PRO with two different pixel sizes also allows it to be used for two different imaging focal lengths to match the optimal resolution of the telescope.

The BACHES Echelle-SpectrographBACHES Echelle-Spectrograph BACHES Echelle-Spectrograph (#2458600, € 9485,-) is optimized for sensors of size 15 x 10 mm and a 9 μm pixel size.

These specifications are met, for example, with the older KAF-1603 CCD sensor.

Thus, our current CMOS camera recommendation is the IMX492-based QHY294M Pro. This sensor has a dimension of 19 x 13mm. Due to 2x2 binning, the resulting pixel size is 9.26 μm.

Regarding our DADOS Slit – SpectrographDADOS Slit – Spectrograph DADOS Slit – Spectrograph (#2458550, € 2360,-) : The optical design of the DADOS is designed to illuminate chips with the size of 13.8 x 9.2 mm and 9 μm pixel size.

Detectors with larger chips than 13.8 x 9.2 mm can also be used, but here image quality and resolution will decrease somewhat at the image edge. Classic recommendations include the CCD-based cameras SBIG ST-402ME, STF-8300 and FLI ML1603 - as a modern equivalent, we would also like to recommend the QHY294M Pro here.

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