NEW: QHY 5-III-715C – a lunar, planetary and guiding camera with extremely small pixels.

The new QHY 5-III-715 Color of the 2nd generation is an affordable solar, lunar and planetary camera and at the same time a perfect guiding module for extremely short focal lengths.

General description of the QHY 5-III-715 Color

QHY 5-III-175C

QHY 5-III-715C CMOS Camera (#1931038 , € 210,-)

The QHY 5-III-715 Color is now the 4th camera of the 2nd generation of lunar and planetary cameras with integrated SBIG ST-4 guiding port. The advantages compared to the 1st versions of this camera series are among others:

  • Large internal 512 MB DDR3 image memory
  • Improved front-end design
  • Compatibility with CS and C-mount lenses
  • LED for camera status indication
  • USB 3.2 Type-C interface

The QHY 5-III-715 Color is an ultra-high resolution color camera with a very sensitive Back Illuminated Sony Sensor (BSI) while maintaining extremely low readout noise. The new USB 3.2 interface allows frame rates of up to 42 frames per second at full resolution (lucky imaging for sun and moon), and significantly more for ROI (planets). Due to the extremely small pixel dimensions of only 1.45 µm x 1.45 µm, an imaging scale (image resolution) of about 1 arc second is already possible with focal lengths around 300 mm, so that reliable guiding is easily possible with focal lengths around 200 mm.

Some highlights of the camera

Lunar, planetary and guiding camera: QHY 5-III-175C

Lunar, planetary and guiding camera

  • Sensor: Sony IMX715 BSI sensor - only available as color version
  • Pixel size: 1.45 µm x 1.45 µm
  • Number of pixels: 3.840 x 2.192 (5.6 x 3.2 mm) - 8.4 MegaPixel
  • Readout noise: 0.87e- to 2.17e-
  • Full well capacity: 5.7ke-
  • Maximum frame rate: 42 frames per second at full resolution
  • Exposure times: 11µs - 900 seconds

Extended sensor sensitivity in the near infrared spectral range (NIR)

Similar to the QHY 5-III-462 M/C CMOS Camera (various versions available) (various versions available) the new QHY 5-III-715C CMOS Camera (#1931038 , € 210,-) also features extended sensitivity in the near infrared spectral range.

In this latest generation of Sony sensors, the photodiodes are embedded deeper in the substrate than in previous sensors, allowing photons with longer wavelengths (NIR) to penetrate deeper into the substrate. This dramatically increases the sensor's sensitivity to red and near-infrared light. The peak sensitivity (quantum effectiveness) of the sensor in the NIR spectral range is almost as high as for light in the visible spectrum.

All further information and the technical data of the new QHY 5-III-715C can be found on our prodcut page.

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