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Baader 7,5nm Solar Continuum Filter (540nm)

Baader 7.5nm Solar Continuum Filter (540nm) (various versions available)

Neue Baader Solar Continuum Filter – now with 7.5nm FWHM

Compared to the previous model with 10 nm half-band-width, the new Baader Solar Continuum Filter has a half-band-width of only 7.5 nm, which once again significantly increases the contrast. This replaces both the previous 10 nm Solar Continuum filter and, for the first time, the stacked 1¼" filter #2458392.

  • Baader 7.5 nm Solar Continuum Filter, CWL 540nm
  • A must for owners of achromatic refractors. This narrowband-filter cuts the spectral range where lens optics draw sharpest and contrastiest. The Baader Solar Continuum Filter lets you use the full power of your telescope.
  • Enhances contrast and reduces the effect of atmospheric turbulence (in combination with white light solar filters)
  • Enormous contrast gain in monochrome photography even on apochromatic systems
  • Important note: The Solar Continuum Filter must be used ONLY with additional filtering (e.g. Baader Herschel prism or AstroSolar Safety Filml)
  • Der Baader Solar Continuum Filter darf NUR mit zusätzlicher Filterung (z. B. Herschelprisma oder AstroSolar Sonnenfilterfolie) eingesetzt werden.


Baader Blogpost:
Test Report: Baader Solar Continuum Filter revisited – now with 7,5nm FWHM


Intermediate plate for 8" double mounting plate


Steeldrive II motor adapter set for FeatherTouch 3.5" focuser

  • Adapter set to connect the Steeldrive II Motor Unit (#2957265 , € 275,-) to the FeatherTouch 3.5" focuser from Starlight Instruments
  • Allows motorized fine drive of the FT 3.5" OAZ with the Baader Steeldrive II motor unit for heavy loads (up to 8 kg)
  • Please note:: The motor unit requires the Steeldrive II Controller (#2957260 , € 445,-) . You always need one controller to operate one motor unit. But you can use one controller with several motor units one at a time – you only need to plug it into the motor unit which you want to use.


Coming Soon: Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II

  • 2" wedge prism according to Herschel - one-sided Phantom Group® anti-reflective coating, with ceramic solar finder and 2" ClickLock® eyepiece holder
  • Integrated rotation mechanism for polarising filters – the best method for brightness adjustment in visual solar observation and solar photography in white light
  • Stepless brightness adjustment is made possible in combination with the optional Baader Single Polarizing Filter 2" (#2408342 , € 72,-) and the included Neutral Density Filter. The polarizing filters are not included in the scope of delivery
  • Includes the Baader 7.5 nm Solar Continuum Filter 2" (540nm) (#2961581 , € 198,-) with 7.5 nm half-band-width
  • S58 dovetail and Safety Kerfs on the 2" nose-piece
  • New 3-point adjustment system preset in the factory
  • Sturdy transport case made of ABS plastic, air sealed
  • Available in the following versions.
    • Baader Cool-Ceramic Safety Hersche Prism Mark II 2" Visual (#2956510V) with 7.5nm Solar Continuum Filter and ND 3.0 Neutral Density Filter
    • Baader Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II 2" Photo (#2956510P) with 7.5nm Solar Contiunuum Filter and ND 3.0/1.8/0.9/0.6 Neutral Density Fitler

Important note:  Expected to be available in December 2022. More information & details will be available soon on our website or in our newsletter.

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