Product announcement : SWIR QHY990 and QHY991 cameras

SWIR QHY990 / QHY991

SWIR QHY 990 & SWIR QHY991 (various versions available)

Two new cooled CMOS cameras QHY 990 and QHY 991 for the near infrared spectrum.

In September 2021, QHY began shipping 2 new camera models, the QHY990 and the QHY991. Both are cooled cameras with CMOS sensors covering the near infrared wavelength range.

SWIR QHY990 / QHY991Both models use Sony InGaAs sensors with square pixels measuring 5µm x 5µm. The IMX990 is a 1.3-megapixel sensor and the IMX991 has a 0.4-megapixel array. The spectral response starts at 400. and ends at 1700 nanometres. The maximum quantum efficiency is 77 % at a wavelength of 1200 nanometres.


More details about SWIR QHY990 and QHY991 can be found on our product page

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