PlaneWave: new location, favorable pricing

PlaneWave's 57-acre campus in Adrian, Michigan

PlaneWave Instruments is focused on vertical integration – from the very beginning.

Design, optical production, fabrication, assembly, and quality control are all performed in-house by their expert team. PlaneWave even designs and builds their own robotic optics machines. PlaneWave's approach and innovation allows them to create superior products and value for their customers.

Over the last few years there was just one little issue: PlaneWave had outgrown their facilities in California and in Michigan. It was time to reoptimize.

  • New Location: 2020 marks the first full year on PlaneWave’s new 57-acre campus in Adrian, Michigan. PlaneWave has joined their MI and CA operations reducing overhead gaining a larger campus, and providing countless opportunities to expand.
  • New Facilities: PlaneWave is evolving and growing. With new buildings, machines, and test equipment being added, they’ve been busily investing in the future for the last 12 months. The future is now!
  • New Pricing: The increased capacity, reduced overhead, and manufacturing innovations allowed PlaneWave to take a fresh look at pricing.

Baader Planetarium as PlaneWave's official EU-distributor thus made a brandnew calculation of all PlaneWave prices. You can find the latest EU Price List on

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