Optical tube lengths of Clicklock mirror diagonal

Recently we received the following questions on our 2" Clicklock Diagonal Mirror and wanted to answer including the below illustrations for other customers:

According to image below

  1. is the optical path mentioned in technical data (112mm for #2956100 and 109mm for #2956100Z) measured along optical axis from point A to B or point A to C?
  2. what is the dimension from point B to C?
  3. Can 2” barrel (at point A) be removed from #2956100 and exchanged with another accessory (is it available?) to change the diagonal to #2956100Z (M68x1 thread)?


Please note below our answer and adjusted graphic:

  1. The optical path of 112mm is measured A to C. The lightway from A to B would be ~71,5mm. Please note that the final endpoint of B is 3,5mm outside of the prism body (as illustrated in the below graphic), it looks just like point A in your drawing
  2. The Dimension from B to C (height of the SC-ClickLock) is 44mm. It is overlapping the 3,5mm outer part of B
  3. Yes, the 2" Barrel can be removed without problems, revealing a 2" inner thread. This thread however is also an adapter M55/2" (not available as single item) and can only be removed from the Clicklock mirror body with the help of our adjustable pin type face wrench (#2450062). After this adapter has been removed, you can change the diagonal to our #2956100Z Zeiss Clicklock with the help of the M55 / M68 Adapter (#2956110). This adapter is already included in the M68 Clicklock diagonal mirror version (2956100Z). The M68 version offers  the largest telescope sided opening aperture on the market - with 51mm

Hyp-Zoom_1508020_Clicklock_Zenit_AnimationPlease also note that by removing the Clicklock clamp on the eyepiece side (revealing the M55/2" Ring just like on side A), you can attach our 2"/T-2 Ring (#1508035) which allows for example mounting of our 1.25" focusing eyepiece clamp (#2458125). Alternatively you can add our 2" changer ring (#1508020) to directly attach for example our Hyperion Zoom eyepiece as shown on the left.