ON Semiconductor: CCD Retirement


If you are considering a CCD camera using an ON Semi sensor, please act NOW.

As many have heard by now, ON Semiconductor has decided to quit the CCD business. ON Semiconductor acquired the Kodak CCD product line and factory from Truesense about five years ago. All orders for ON Semi CCDs must placed by March, 2020.

CCD Cameras from SBIG and FLI

Lesen sie hier die vollständige Pressemitteilung von Diffraction Limited.

Here you can find the complete press release from Diffraction Limited.

SBIG and Diffraction Limits are working to ensure a supply of popular ON Semi CCD sensors sufficient for our needs in 2020. However, there will be some camera price increases as ON Semi has also raised their sensor prices. Currently SBIG does not change the pricing of their highest-volume CCD cameras, but that will change as we consume the supply of sensors that we acquired at the old prices.

While SBIG will continue to stock popular sensors, cameras indicated as special order items will become unavailable at the end of February, 2020.

We will, of course, continue to offer the highest-performance CCD technology from other manufacturers. The very popular SONY CCD-based Aluma 694 and Aluma 814 astrophotography cameras are unaffected, as are our E2V-based Aluma 47-10 and Aluma 77-00 research cameras. These CCDs are some of the best image sensors ever manufactured, producing stunning images like Tony Hallas’ M31 shot shown on the left.

FLI will continue to make MicroLine cameras using Teledyne e2v sensors and Sony sensors. Sony has also announced end of life for CCDs, but we can continue to buy certain sensors (ICX285 and ICX695) for several more years.

There is another price increase which will be effective on orders received by FLI after November 15th.

If you are considering a CCD camera using an ON Semi sensor, please act NOW. Please ask us for an offer without obligation, because the prices change quite frequently at the moment.