Now available: Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller


UPDATE 09.04.2018: Steeldrive II Motorf focuser with Controller and accessories is now available. Detailed manuals, Sotware SteelGo II and videos can be found on our product page.

We are pleased to present you the new Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller (#2957165 , € 665,-) !


After having presented the prototype of the Steeldrive II motor focuser with controller at the AME Show in Germany last September, the first production run is now almost completely assembled.

With a Steeldrive II motor focuser with Controller (#2957165 , € 665,-) , you can automatically control your focuser with a computer as well as use the keys of the hand control for precise, vibration-free focusing. But we didn't just want to build yet another motorized focuser that can move up to 8 kg with maximum precision - the Steeldrive II is designed as a platform and can do much more!

Baader Steeldrive II Fokussiermotor, Baader BDS Diamond Steeltrack® und Nikon DSLR-Kamera im Einsatz an Baader Apo 95/560 Travel Companion auf 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Montierung

Baader Steeldrive II motor focuser, Baader BDS Diamond Steeltrack® and Nikon DSLR-camera attached to a Baader Apo 95/560 Travel Companion on a 10Micron GM 1000 HPS Mount

The Steeldrive II consists of a motor unit, which is connected with a timing belt to the focuser's slow-motion-control to work without backlash, and of a control unit with the electronics, which also doubles as hand control and for connections to a PC. This modular design means that you can equip each of your telescopes with its own motor unit and only need one controller, which you connect to the telescope you are currently using. Only if you operate several telescopes at the same time, then you need several controllers. It fits onto all Baader Steeltrack® focusers (classic and Diamond), adapters for e.g. FeatherTouch are in preparation.

The new motor is designed to move to a saved position with highest precision if it is used together with the magnetic homing sensor – even if it has to move several kilograms over the complete travel of the focuser or after a power failure! Of course, it can also be operated without a homing sensor.

You can connect up to two temperature sensors at the same time, one on the motor unit and one on the control unit. One sensor is included with the Steeldrive II to compensate the drift automatically, if there are large temperature differences.

The temperature sensors are not only used to compensate temperature differences, but can also be used to control e.g. a dew shield heater - the Steeldrive II Controller has a port to connect e.g. a dew shield heater and regulate it so that it does not heat more than necessary. The parameters for this are set in the completely reprogrammed SteelGo software, with which you can also control the ASCOM-compatible focusing motor via the PC.

We are pleased that this project is now ready for the market. It was developed especially for the needs of astrophotographers and remote observatories, but can also be used for visual astronomy via the keys of the controller. For example, if you use a telescope with long visual extensions such as an H-alpha unit, it can make your life easier!

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